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Title: Hawaii outlook
Post by: oscar on September 20, 2017, 11:40:39 pm
A project is nearing completion to fill in the gap in Hilo between the current east end of HI 200 (Saddle Rd./Daniel K. Inouye Highway) and the west end of HI 2000 (Puainako St.). That project is moving faster than I had expected, and could be completed in the next few weeks. Part of the project is improving Saddle Rd. and Puainako St. within their existing rights of way, but there will be several miles of new alignment. That new alignment is not yet shown on Mapnik or other online mapping (which tends to be slow in catching up with new road construction in Hawaii, perhaps because there's so little of it), so I might not be able to quickly update the route files when the project is completed.

I also don't yet know whether HI 2000 will be folded into HI 200.

Also, in western Maui an extension of the Lahaina Bypass (HI 3000) is well under way, though I don't know how solid is the estimated completion date (originally January 2018, but now seems to have been pushed back to March 2018). This will extend the highway south of its existing southern end, and tie into HI 30, making the highway a more useful bypass of Lahaina, though the bypass will for now connect directly to HI 30 only at its southern end.

Especially if the HI 200/2000 and HI 30/3000 projects are completed by next spring, it might be time for me to fly back to Hawaii for some "field checking". I expect my vision to be considerably improved by the cataract surgeries (the second one just last week) after my trip to Maui in January 2017.
Title: Re: Hawaii outlook
Post by: oscar on October 10, 2017, 10:26:28 pm
The extension of HI 200 at its east end, to connect to HI 2000, opened today (

The linked press release includes a map with a small inset, roughly indicating the HI 200 extension, and its tie-in to existing HI 2000 a little east of the latter's original west end. I'll try to get better information from HDOT before I update the route files.
Title: Re: Hawaii outlook
Post by: oscar on November 11, 2017, 01:11:15 pm
Pull request (#1700) submitted for realignment and extension of HI 200's east end. OSM/Mapnik hasn't yet caught up, so I roughed out a map of the changes based on FHWA and HIDOT maps and documents. I'll tweak the route files (including the new intersection with HI 2000) later once better open-source mapping becomes available.
Title: Re: Hawaii outlook
Post by: oscar on January 28, 2018, 09:52:45 am
The latest phase of the Lahaina Bypass project (HI 3000) in west Maui is scheduled to be opened to traffic in March 2018 ( This phase will connect the south end of the bypass to the existing Honoapiilani Highway (HI 30). The bypass will remain incomplete for some time, with no direct connection to HI 30 north of Lahaina, but with improvements to the temporary connection via Keawe Street.

One segment of HI 30 will be closed, and realigned onto new roads, to better tie it into the HI 3000 extension, and also improve a popular beach park along existing HI 30.