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Title: PA: PA 31/PA 711 in area of PA 381 and I-70/I-76 (Donegal Interchange)
Post by: Markkos1992 on January 04, 2019, 11:27:06 am
I do not know offhand what I will be ultimately doing here outside of maybe relocating a point or two, but I want it posted here to keep me aware of it.  The copied text below is the excerpt from the latest news release related to this project.  (from 10/11/2018 and link is below)  I-70/I-76 should be unaffected.

"Route 31 Donegal Interchange – SR 31 X10 – This project is for realignment of Route 31 at the Donegal Turnpike Interchange with the addition of a signalized continuous “T” intersection and installation of traffic signals and turning lanes at the Route 31/Route 711 intersection.  Relocation of School House Road at Mountain View Road and Kings Way at Route 711 to create plus intersections will occur with the addition of signals and turning lanes.  Other widening for center turning lanes and increasing sight distance will occur on Route 31, as well as waterline relocation, drainage and signing upgrades, and milling and paving from approximately 450 feet west of Hellein School Road to 525 feet east of the Route 31/Route 2031, Route 711/Route 381 intersection.  Plum Contracting, Inc. is the prime contractor on this $19.8 million project. The project is not anticipated to be completed until late summer 2019.
Update:  Paving on Route 31 from slightly west of Clubhouse Drive to east of Mountain View Road is scheduled for the week of 10/15. Traffic will be maintained except for single lane closures to accommodate the tie-ins to existing pavement.  Construction of the concrete islands at the Route 31/Route 381 intersection should occur later this month, as well as final paving and may result in single lane closures. Motorists should slow down and use caution for increased construction vehicles and activities during paving."

EDIT: Update from 4-15-2019:
Update: Lanes have been shifted and shoulders restricted to allow for upcoming work.  Work on pavement joint and base repairs wrapped up this week.  Safety improvements to School House Road have been completed. Excavation continues for installation of the 72 Inch concrete pipe under the Turnpike Interchange area. With this, over 12,000 tons of contaminated soils from old, leaking underground storage tanks have been hauled to a landfill in accordance with PA-DEP regulations. Other soils are being stockpiled and tested and reused on site if not contaminated, and through approval by PA-DEP. Final changes to the intersection of Route 31 and Route 381 / Route 711 are being reviewed to address safety concerns. Work is expected here in the coming weeks. Temporary daily work zones with single lane restrictions will be ongoing for signal, drainage, and other work.  Access to all businesses will be maintained but may be shifted or reduced as work will be ongoing from the western end of the project thru Route 711 North. Please drive slowly and be especially cautious in this area.
Title: Re: PA: PA 31/PA 711 in area of PA 381 and I-70/I-76 (Donegal Interchange)
Post by: Markkos1992 on August 08, 2019, 06:56:58 am

The latest update on PA 31.  I may wait to see if something shows up in OSM before fixing PA 31.  PA 711 is probably fine as-is.

EDIT (10-15-2019):  Current commit in PA Branch as of 10/15/2019:
Title: Re: PA: PA 31/PA 711 in area of PA 381 and I-70/I-76 (Donegal Interchange)
Post by: Markkos1992 on October 21, 2019, 11:04:13 pm

The new alignment is mapped on the VideoLog, but I ended up still needing the plans from ECMS to estimate a coordinate by using a Northing-Easting to Latitude-Longitude calculator.