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Title: How to Use Travel Mapping
Post by: Jim on January 01, 2016, 04:03:01 pm
Travel Mapping is still very much in development, but we welcome users, both those who previously used CHM (the now defunct Clinched Highway Mapping project) and new users, to submit their travels for inclusion in the system.

To use the system, build a ".list" file showing the segments you've traveled on the highways we've included in the project.  This process is substantially the same as it was in CHM.  CHM's process is described at (  Please refer to that until we get our own instruction manual up, but note the following changes:

Once the first version of your .list file has been imported and the site has been updated (typically done every evening between 9 and 11 PM Eastern, sometimes more often), you can see your information in a few ways:

Many more maps, lists of travelers, more stats, will come over time.  We currently have most of what CHM had and a lot more.

Though we've made and continue to make a lot of updates and fixes to the highway data compared to the last version from CHM, former CHM users should find that their CHM .list files are still a great starting point for mapping your travels with the new system.

I intend to keep this post current as URLs change, functionality is added, etc.