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Updates to Highway Data / Re: GA: I-75 express lane exits
« Last post by mapmikey on Today at 06:03:54 am »
For the I-495 express lanes in Virginia the actual crossroad name (US 29) is used instead of an exit designation that doesn't exist...
Other Discussion / Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Last post by Bickendan on Today at 04:15:05 am »
Had an opportunity to do some (after dark) clinching after a concert of mine and seized it :)

Oregon Symphonic Band had a concert up in Clatskanie, so after the typical drive up I-205, I-5, and over on WA 432, back into Oregon via WA 433/Lewis and Clark Bridge, then over on US 30, I headed out to Astoria, crossed back into Washington, then clinched WA 401, jaunted back over to US 101 via WA 4, drove up to Raymond, then grabbed WA 105 and 105 Spur, detoured to nab 107 and US 12's western fringe, a little of 101 west over there, then back down to Raymond, and all of WA 6. I could have grabbed WA 505's western end, or my missing segments of WA 411 and Bus I-5 (Castle Rock), but getting back into Portland before exhaustion set in was more important. I can grab them on my US 101 clean up.

US 101: Los Angeles to Aberdeen (I intend to redo LA to Crescent City at some point to iron out realignments etc).
Alt 101: Clinched on first pass (two years ago)
WA 100: Clinched on first pass
Spur 100: Clinched on first pass
WA 103: Clinched on first pass
WA 105: Clinched tonight
Spur 105: Clinched tonight
WA 107: Clinched tonight
WA 4: Clinched on first pass
WA 409: Clinched on first pass
WA 411: WA 432 to Lexington Bridge - clinched on first pass
WA 432: Clinched on first pass
WA 433/Lewis and Clark Bridge (OR): Clinched long time ago

Clean up plans: -I-5/205
-Lexington Bridge
WA 411
Bus I-5
WA 505
US 12
US 101
WA 109
WA 115
Spur 109
US 101
WA 110
US 101
WA 112
WA 113
US 101
WA 119
US 101
WA 102
US 101
Updates to Highway Data / GA: I-75 express lane exits
« Last post by Eth on Yesterday at 10:17:46 pm »
The new I-75 express lanes in the Atlanta area include exits/entrances at locations that aren't currently points in TM, so I think it would make sense to add them.

These exits don't have posted numbers, so some improvisation may be needed (see I-85's point "87A" at the HOV-only access to GA 236 as precedent).

Points to be added:
Terrell Mill Rd (label 260A?)
GA3ConMar (264?)
Big Shanty Rd (270?)
Hickory Grove Rd (274 or 275?)

These are all on the express lanes on the north side. The only direct exit from the southside lanes is at Jonesboro Rd, which should be effectively covered by existing point 221. There also don't appear to be any of these to deal with on I-575.
I think the I-80 point for PA RivRd (River Road, Delaware Gap NRA) should be removed.  It was lined up with the I-80 "310" label(it will not be since I just moved it), but I would not consider River Rd itself as the main focal point of the interchange.

On a second note, I moved the RivRd point on US 209 to the following location:

My notes for routes 51 through 99:

- delete WP4  "RaiAve" (not signed past "CenSt").

As discussed upthread, the shapefiles and 2016 provincial traffic count report indicate SK 54 continues past CenSt to RaiAve. I agree the turn north of the CenSt waypoint is not signed, but otherwise RaiAve seems to be the appropriate endpoint.

There are discussions upthread of where I got help from the shapefiles on some higher-numbered routes (especially the 1xx northern primary routes), which you might look up as your review goes into the three-digit routes.

- add WP @ SK691 (east of SK255)

In my local copy. There is already an SK691 waypoint west of SK6, which I've renamed SK691_N with the new point becoming SK691_S.

- add WP @ fork east of Lebret ("OldHwy10" or "LebretAccRd")
- change WP12 "SK22/35" --> "SK35"

Second item done in my local copy. I'm not sure about the first, unless it's something you need for your own list file. The new point would be about a kilometer from an existing point, and is not helpful for shaping. It's an unnamed road in the online maps I've looked up and in the 2008 MapArt atlas, which suggests it's no longer a significant road even if it once was part of SK 10.
My notes for routes 51 through 99:

- delete WP4  "RaiAve" (not signed past "CenSt")

- add WP @ SK691 (east of SK255)

- add WP @ fork east of Lebret ("OldHwy10" or "LebretAccRd")
- change WP12 "SK22/35" --> "SK35"
6-Month+ Outlook / PA: US 209 TRUCK (Brodheadsville)
« Last post by Markkos1992 on November 17, 2018, 08:32:30 pm »
It looks like I will be deleting this one when the bridge replacement project (JV-179, part of the PA Rapid Bridge Replacement Project) is complete.

The construction had begun when I drove through here on the evening of July 4th.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: OR and CA: Almost Intersecting Points
« Last post by mikeandkristie on November 17, 2018, 04:06:30 pm »
Thank you.
In-progress Highway Systems & Work / Re: usala: Louisiana State Highways
« Last post by oscar on November 17, 2018, 03:53:20 pm »
In Ruston, LA 150 has a point for LA 544, but not vice versa.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: SC: US52SprCha
« Last post by mapmikey on November 17, 2018, 11:11:41 am »
I have deleted this from the usausb and usausb_con csv files and put in queue
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