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The tool is terrible but you might try to select "Luftbilder" on the left and the desired year or decade:

- 2018 (with the S16 and small tunnel)
- 1980s (with S16 tunnel only)
- 1950s (no tunnel)

1970s aerials seem to be taken in 1979 when the next section was already opened.
I guess that the road was aligned like back in 1950s but there might have been a temporary road alignment during construction works too.

My browser doesn't load the site correct when I open all links at once. I think you should load them one by one.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: WV: WV 112 Minor Point Error near Ingleside
« Last post by Markkos1992 on March 19, 2019, 07:10:53 am »
I just noticed that you did not bump this thread.  I did not see the change made in the files.
Another one from the vaults of my 1978 student tour of Europe...

We crossed the English Channel from Oostende to Dover, by a ferry that has since been discontinued. I do remember the ferry dock being near the big train station, and OSM supports this: noting the "Transeuropa Ferries-Terminal" just north of "Station Oostende".

The nearest N route to this is N34, but alas it doesn't have a waypoint nearby. N34 uses a part of Leopold III-laan to go northeast from the Vuurkruisenplein roundabout, but then makes a right angle turn onto Ernest Feysplein (Google Maps shows this a lot better, as does Esri WorldStreetMap) and Leopold III-laan continues as N34g. N34g then turns onto Natienkaai and (if I'm reading Dutch Wikipedia correctly) ends at the train station, by which I imply the turnoff for the main parking lot where Natienskaai makes a right-angle turn.

Of course none of this is signed, but given the way Belgium signs its highways (mostly it doesn't), that's hardly a surprise.

I doubt we actually want to put N34g into the HB (not that I'd mind), but would it be feasible to put a waypoint on N34 at N34g, where Leopold III-laan intersects Ernest Feysplein?
But also, I must wonder: Gott im Himmel, how did the tour bus fit into that dinky little tunnel east of Braz?  :o

This? It was built in early 2000s.

Aha. Yes, that. So now I'm curious as to the route the Arlbergstrasse (L97) took before that tunnel was built.
Thank you.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: WV: Operation recenter
« Last post by rickmastfan67 on March 18, 2019, 11:46:30 pm »
Cleanups of WV-104 to WV-131 have just been submitted.

Also solved the old WV-115 topic we have here.
I've just pushed an update to extend WV-115 back to WV-9.  As far as I can tell, WV 'will' post this extension fully sometime in the future.  I mean, they did start posting it from US-340 with no other 'logical' end point other than WV-9.  Plus the Jefferson still shows this.
Solved Highway data updates / Re: MD: Request New Point for Monocacy NB on MD 355
« Last post by oscar on March 18, 2019, 11:39:13 pm »
Pull request submitted to remove unused I-70 waypoint *54, and relabel point for the relocated exit 54, 54A -> 54 +54A.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: OH: US 224 Minor Point Errors (west of I-71/I-76)
« Last post by mapcat on March 18, 2019, 08:16:01 pm »
Thanks.  It's pretty obvious that all the systems in Ohio deserve some attention, so I will handle these as part of a general review sometime this summer once my schedule eases up.
For I76/I80 I'm in favor for one wp per i/c as it is now:
For I77/I80 I prefer two wps as-is, I77: / I80:
I don't like additional turnpike routes to connect I77/I80 wps.
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