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Idea of how to browse routes/waypoints
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:00:50 am »
1. User List File Editor

Especially "normal" users often make typos in their list files. They get errors in the log file and change it again. I think we should have an option to make their life easier.
The user is already known in the HB. A Table with all segments traveled by this user might be generated automatically.

The route name is fix, but any cell in 2nd/3rd column should be selectable. If a cell is selected, it's bordered in blue.
Clicking on a different wp on the map or on the waypoint table, there should be an option to replace the selected old wp.
An "apply" button should be in the InfoWindow of the wp or anywhere else on the page like I've done in the screen shot.
Additional rows can be added by a button or rows can be deleted.
Maybe a merge option to close a gap between two rows? Might be difficult, bad benefit-cost relation.
Finally, a button copies the entire table to clipboard so that the user can paste it in the list file.

2. What's different between HB overview and stats by system/region overview?

Highway Browser:
You can see the country, system name, code, status and level of all systems.
A region can be selected by a drop-down-menu on the top which filters the table to show all systems of that region. Great!
A system can be selected by a drop-down-menu on the top which directly opens the route list of the system.
You cannot select an user and don't get any additional info about the system/region, e.g. total mileage or no chance to open the map etc.

You can see the country, system name, status, and level of all systems traveled by the selected user.
You can see total mileage, clinched mileage, percent, can open the HB and open a map
You cannot filter by region to see all systems of the region.
You cannot see regions/systems which are not yet traveled by the user.

I think we should merged both and call it "User Data".
The stats page should be the base. Overall stats and log file link on top.
Below, you can switch between Stats by region and stats by system (like 2 tabs).

Selection of "All systems/regions" and "Traveled systems/regions" only.
If "no user" is selected, automatically all systems/regions should be displayed.
If any user is selected, "Traveled only" should be default.

Advantages: less code to be maintained, better overview of regions/systems which are not yet traveled (total milage etc.)!

3. Selecting a route from map

I've already entered an issue.

I'd like to click on the map and get a list of all available routes (according to the selected region or system) within a defined radius from where I've clicked (because I think it's not possible for a user to distungish how many different routes exist there.).
The list (table) should contain all routes with user stats (like it's already displayed, e.g. 100% clinched etc.) and a direct link to the route HB.

It's similar to what we already have:
But it's always the entire region. No filter on zooming in.

The table provides links to open the HB for the specific route.

4. Integrate waypoint browser to the map

The selection of a route should be done via the table or directly on clicking on a route on the map.
If clicking on the map and there are concurrent routes, the table filter should be reduced again to show all selectable routes.

Once a single route is selected, this route should be highlighted on the map, only this route should get markers per default so that one can select them easily and and a window "Waypoint Browser" should appear in the table on the right. I've choosen the waypoint browser from 1.

I've not zoomed in the map nor highlighted the selected route just because it's too much effort for a screen shot. However, this should be done on the site :)

If this would be implemented, the code for the map and for the HB would be the same and I think we could remove the redundant highway browser (= waypoint browser) but directly load a map. On opening the HB from the user data (see 2.), only the specific route would be opened like today in the HB!

Any thoughts?
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Re: Idea of how to browse routes/waypoints
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 05:01:46 am »
Just attachment...

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Re: Idea of how to browse routes/waypoints
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2017, 09:02:50 am »
I'm not sure I understand all the nuances of your suggestion, but I would welcome any way to avoid making mistakes on my list file. I can't recall a trip lately where I haven't made a few mistakes (usually just typos) and have to submit a corrected file once I see the errors in my log file.

I don't know how others update their travels, but I almost always open the mapview of the region I want and then click on the individual route from the route table.  I find this easier as I can see what I've already mapped for a region and then make the additions for new travels.

If there are ways to make errors by "normal" users like me less frequent, I'd welcome it.