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PA: Airport Connector (Harrisburg)

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Are we in favor of adding this road to usasf?  If so, I will do so.  I found a NMP on PA 230 and minor errors on PA 441 so edits to those routes would be included as well.

This seems very similar to the BDL connector's freeway section, right?  State-maintained freeway, but unsigned.

I'm personally OK either way but would like consistency to the extent we can.

Yes I was on the side of adding it, but then I saw that thread and became unsure. 

Considering this as a no after thinking more about it.  I was comparing this to the I-64 connection to Busch Gardens (that has an interchange with US 60) and realized that I would never put that in the HB in a million years so I cannot see why I should put this route in (despite it being longer with an interchange at PA 230 near Penn State Harrisburg).

Marking as solved minus further objections.

I was looking at usasf for a route similar to the Harvey Taylor Bridge to verify its inclusion.

In the meantime, I found this road in usasf.   In my opinion, this is enough for me to put this short freeway into usasf as well especially since it connects to PA 230.


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