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Saskatchewan outlook
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:07:13 am »
Some major changes are coming to Regina this autumn, as completion of the Regina Bypass project looms (expected in October 2019). The most significant change is a reroute of the Trans-Canada Highway off the Ring Road freeway (part is SK 6) and part of Victoria Ave., to the southern segment of the new bypass. Also, SK 11 (covered by the preview cansk system, which I expect will soon become an active system) now includes the already-opened part of the western leg of the Bypass, and probably will be removed from its existing routing east of Regina to the new western Bypass leg once it's completed. Re- (or de-) numbering of existing SK 11 on the east side of Regina TBD.

The relocation of the TCH will leave two segments of the Ring Road freeway (the existing one on the north side of Regina, and part of the existing TCH on the south side) without a route number, barring a last-minute change in signage plans. I would add all of Ring Road, including the part that is now and will remain concurrent with SK 6, to the in-dev cannf system at that point.