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Re: usaush (United States Historic US Routes)
« Reply #165 on: September 30, 2019, 10:52:48 am »
US 20 in the Painesville: I only found one marker (westbound in the westernmost segment). How did you determine the eastern end?
eastbound signs:
approaching intersection with Shankland (about halfway along OH91<->OH174 segment)

westbound signs: outside Champs Barber-Stylists (just after Townline Road, halfway between OH528 and CenRd)
outside Rider's Inn (between OH615 and OH44).

Apparently, the City of Mentor have signed it, but I've not found those signs! Nor have I found this sign (which I believe is in North Perry[/url]. And I can't read this article as the EU is a corporatist and protectionist racket creating regulations that small and foreign (and especially both) businesses cannot afford to comply with.

As it's entirely concurrent with US20, it doesn't have to be kept (ditto the US6 ones). Pretty sure those Monroeville and Norwalk ones were '86ed in the purge of US20, but updated Streetview is a boost. Got confirmation of the Norwalk sign that created that route (which included Monroeville): at Main and Church. The file is still there. I'll modify it as I had it crossing the county and so ends are loose.

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Re: usaush (United States Historic US Routes)
« Reply #166 on: October 06, 2019, 12:01:10 pm »

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Re: usaush (United States Historic US Routes)
« Reply #167 on: October 08, 2019, 06:36:48 pm »
@Highway63, could you address why you relocated Historic US66 in downtown Springfield IL when you adjusted the routing of I-55BL? Did the 66 signs move too?
Per the AASHTO filing:

The proposed relocation is necessitated by the City of Springfield’s Rail Improvement Project which includes the construction of a railroad underpass near the current Business Route 55 designation (9th St. and Laurel St.). This proposed underpass will require ending the 9th St. pavement that currently carries the Business Route 55 designation. This proposed relocation also places more of the business route within the downtown Springfield business district. Please note the relocated route marking will be placed on streets under the jurisdiction of the City of Springfield.

Unless Illinois is going to dead-end the 66 signage it makes no sense that signs wouldn't be relocated as well.  The closest alternative I would see is to move the northbound-only east-west section to Laurel Street assuming the Laurel/9th intersection remained intact. If someone goes to Springfield AFTER the underpass project is done and sees 66 split from the redirected BL 55 and stay on 9th to some point, I'll change it back.