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Philippines Expressways (phle)
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:34:08 am »
Some routes seem to have long (=relevant) access roads indicated with E numbering on OSM
However, I couldn't find any E number sign on GSV for the access roads nor any route in the HB...

It seems to be extended to the north, see OSM/GM
Exit 122 --> 228 according to OSM
New exit 122 missing
I could generally not find exit numbers for the northern segment on OSM/GM/GSV. What's your source?

Hard to find exit numbers on GSV but OSM confirms some of them and it seems to be fine

Indicated E6 on OSM and extended to the west (I've seen motorway signs on GSV)

Indicated E3 on GM/OSM
AguBlvd is exit 13 on OSM

Northern segments are indicated E4 on GM/OSM
JoseAbadSanAve --> JoseSanAve

Seems to be fine