Author Topic: Netherlands: Renumbering in North Holland  (Read 483 times)

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Netherlands: Renumbering in North Holland
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:32:12 pm »

  • N194 around Heerhugowaard is completed and open to traffic since July
  • N507 is in the final stages of construction. They've chosen a uniform layout: turbo roundabouts with tunnels for cyclists. Most roundabouts are now in service.
  • N507 will be renumbered to N194, however there is no definitive signage yet. Hectometer poles still indicate N507 east of Obdam (but N194 west of Obdam).
  • N302 will be renumbered to N307. The Hoorn-Oostergouw to Westwoud section opened with 4 lanes yesterday.
  • N307 route around Hoogkarspel will open mid-November
  • N307-A7 interchange (Hoorn-Noord) will open on 30 November, the minister of transportation will be in attendance.
  • former N302 from Hoogkarspel to Enkhuizen will be renumbered to N505
  • N506 from Stede Broec to Enkhuizen will become part of N307
  • N307 hectometer values in Flevoland have been adjusted (+66 km)

So there is a significant renumbering of roads in this area. In the end, the western leg from Heerhugowaard to A7 will become N194 and the eastern leg from A7 to Enkhuizen will become N307.