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MI: Recent Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo updates
« on: May 08, 2019, 08:51:44 pm »
In Grand Rapids, the city accepted control of several streets bearing state trunklines in December 2017, resulting in the following changes:
  • Bus. US 131 is no more; and
  • BS I-196 no longer enters the city, ending at the intersection of Chicago Drive, Clyde Park Avenue and Grandville Avenue on the Wyoming–Grand Rapids city line, removing the designation from Grandville Avenue and Franklin Street.
In the case of the former change, AASHTO approved the deletion of the designation in May 2018. Signage along US 131 hasn't been fully updated, but part of old Bus. US 131 no longer exists as a drivable roadway between Cherry Street and Oakes Street, and according to Google Street View, the signage along the former business loop is gone.

In January this year, Kalamazoo accepted jurisdiction of several streets carrying highways through the city from the state. This year's Truck Operator's Map details the following changes:
  • BL I-94 was truncated to BS I-94, and now only runs from M-96 (King Highway) east to I-94;
  • Bus. US 131 was removed from the non-freeway sections;
  • Unsigned M-331 is gone
  • M-43 now turns north along US 131 to Plainwell and then southeasterly along M-89 to Richland, removing the previous M-43/M-89 in the process; and
  • M-343 is a new designation that was created for Gull Road between Riverview Drive and M-89 in Richland now that M-43 has been removed.

I was just along in the Kalamazoo area this past weekend, and signage has not been changed over yet.
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Re: MI: Recent Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo updates
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2019, 10:26:32 am »
Awesome report. Thanks for posting it. Bus 131 in Grand Rapids looked doomed when I was there last year and noticed the vacated street. But there still was some signage along the route southbound, such as this one (GMSV August 2018) and this one (Sept) and this one (August). Are you saying those are all gone now?

Regarding the K-zoo changes, can you update this when the signs are removed/added?