Author Topic: NC: Truck routes (Morganton)  (Read 59 times)

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NC: Truck routes (Morganton)
« on: August 24, 2019, 10:45:13 pm »
Oh boy, just came across this crazy mess of Truck routes & Bypass routes.  The only legit Truck route I can find in that city, is the NC-18 one that we're missing currently on the site.

As for the US-64 & US-70 Truck routes, they honestly shouldn't have the 'Truck' banner, as they are the mainline for both of the US highways there.  I've seen both Truck & Bypass for each of them.
So, in my honest opinion, we should get rid of both US-64 & US-70 Truck in Morganton.  If I remember correctly from the old manual, if a Truck route or Bypass route fills the role of the mainline, and there's no posted mainline, that section of highway should only be in the mainline file to prevent unnecessary duplication (if anybody else wants to chime in on this, please do so).

NC-18 Truck (1, 2) route


On a side note, the 'US64Bus/18' point in US-64's file is currently WAY off of the intersection.  It needs to be corrected.  NC-18, US-64 Trk, & US-64 Bus files all have the same issue too.