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NC: US-70 issues
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:51:16 pm »
Some suggestions, some issues I've noticed on the route file.

NC16Bus -> remove == reason?  No intersection, just an overpass.  Point needs to be removed from NC-16 Bus's file as well (see [1] below).
NEW -> 1stSt == straight line connection to I-40 Exit 130.
NEW -> WikeRd == direct connection up to I-40 Exit 138.
+x50 -> SalHwy == The current hidden point is so close to this road, there's a traffic light there, and it would break up a ~8 mile gap between usable points.
US601 -> US601_N == end of a multiplex
NC150_E -> location needs to be corrected.  A little bit too far north of the intersection.  Must have been acquired before OSM was correctly updated.  Would need to be fixed in US-29 & NC-150's file as well.
NC109 -> Location needs corrected, as now an interchange in a new location just to the East of the old intersection. NC I-85 BL (Lexington, NC), US-29, & NC-109 would need the same adjustment.
NEW -> HufMillRd -- missing interchange
I-840 -> I-785/840 -- Even though only I-785 is currently posted, might as well future proof the label for when the Loop is completed.
NEW -> UniDr -- direct connection down to I-40/I-85 Exit 140.
NEW -> DavMillRd -- Newly constructed interchange
NEW -> SloRd -- New interchange being constructed here, so might as well add it now and save time in the future.

[1] - For NC16 Bus Conover, recommend replacing US70 with a point @ either 7th Street (connection to US-70/US-321 Business), and/or @ 1st Street (connection to US-70 & I-40 Exit 130).