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Mexico: names/numbers of D routes
« on: August 28, 2019, 06:28:53 pm » should be renamed MEX45DSac (Sacramento) since there's now a full 45D bypass of Chihuahua. (Yes, this one is still signed as 45D south of the new one.) is most consistently signed as 145D (changed from 180D). Some signs at minor interchanges still say 180D or 187D, but for the most part it's now 145D. is mostly signed as 190D, including on km posts (note that this is on the section between the two files, implying that it's actually one long 190D that overlaps 190). There are some 200D signs on the south part, but only southbound (towards 200). should be Matamor*o*s. are the borders really like this? is actually MEX (state) A-6D (they used the wrong shield shape here). Signs for 15D appear to be westbound only, since it leads to the other 15D. is mostly signed as MEX (state) A-2D, and is under state control. is not signed as M40D anywhere except on km posts, as far as I can tell. All other signs I can find are for the highways it leads to (e.g. 150D eastbound, 15D westbound). But note that it's signed as M-40D, not M40D. is state maintained GTO 110D. is signed as 185D, including on km posts. The northeast end appears to be at 185, not 200. I'm not sure if this is signed as 70D, or 180D, or what. is similarly strange, and may not have any 180D signs. and may be signed as only 45D with no overlap. requires more study. is A-7D, not simply A7. is signed as federal 40D (east of ValGua, at least). It should be combined with the part of that doesn't bypass Monterrey. seems to all be signed as federal 150D or 190D, except at the PUE 438D interchange where signs say PUE 438D. It's a mess. has a dash: AE-1.
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Re: Mexico: planned changes to mexd/mexed
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2019, 10:42:52 am »
This does not include a general checking of waypoints to add missing interchanges etc.

One big question: if there's a bypass of a city, should the main segment follow that, with stubs into the city, or should the bypass be a separate segment? Should it depend on how the interchanges are designed? Example: Tepic, where 15D is both on the freeways towards downtown and on the northeast bypass. truncate north end to Tijuana beaches exit; add branch to Cabo San Lucas (already in pull requests) truncate west end to BC201 (already in pull requests); extend west around Reynosa (needs confirmation that it's 2D, not 40D); toll segment between Altar and Santa Ana is signed as 2D, but I can't determine exactly where the west end is no changes (even though west end of maintenance is at the Zirimicuaro exit, it's signed west to 37) add piece just east of Toluca; change Toluca bypass piece to EMEX A-6D; truncate Guadalajara end to the MEX 80 interchange, where maintenance and signage ends; add Tepic bypass as a separate segment (or reroute with stubs left behind?); take over a bit of M-40D based on signage and the latter's km 0; add Mazatlan bypass, with short stub to former terminus north of town; add Culiacan bypass to end at SIN AE-1 (the route towards Culiacan is also signed as 15D but maintained as part of 15, so it could go in mexd or the new federal highway system); add Ciudad Obregon bypass (either as a new segment or as the main route with stubs left behind; in any case I need to figure out how maintenance works through Ciudad Obregon); add Hermosillo bypass (need confirmation that it's 15D) (either as a new segment or leaving a stub behind; truncate south end of existing segment to 14 interchange - though this sign is gone in 2019); there might be a bit of toll maintenance on the stub into Magdalena de Kino from the south, but it's not signed; I'm not sure if the Nogales bypass is actually signed as 15D, but it's inventoried as such I need to check both ends
19D: new bypass of Cabo San Lucas (already in pull requests) add Morelia bypass complete Torreon bypass, either leaving a stub at Matamoros or ending it at the existing 40D; add Saltillo bypass into Monterrey from the west; add stub into Monterrey from the east extend north around Irapuato to 45D south of Leon extend segment south past San Pedro Piedra Gorda to state line; add Chihuahua bypass (as separate segment or with stub?); check Ahumada endpoint
47D: new Queretaro bypass toll maintenance ends before the end of the freeway, but it's signed (as 15D) all the way to 126, so no changes delete Victor Rosales and Fresnilo segments (only signed as 45D); fix curves just south of Jimenez change south segment to EMEX A-2D; extend south to end of maintenance; not sure where the north end is, but it may be at 55 southwest of Tecoac not sure if the Mexico City bypass and the part north of Mexico City should be combined, given that maintenance on the latter ends along the way], and northbound traffic on 57D is [url=,-99.2308324,3a,40.7y,87.3h,98.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sthTv-PFPLMc5urD91TEE8g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656]directed to cut off on EMEX 5D; add stub or continue mainline into Queretaro to eastern free bypass; add branch towards Huachichil add segment from south of Compostela to Ixtlan del Rio; extend east around Ciudad Valles and Tamuin truncate in Guadalajara (see 15D); add Lagos de Moreno-Villa de Arriaga truncate in Guadalajara (see 15D); extend east around Zapotlanejo to 80/90 split; add bypass of La Piedad de Cabadas
93D: new Chilpancingo bypass
94D: new route from 95D near Jojutla to 160 at PUE 438D add tunnel in Acapulco; possibly make continuous in Cuernavaca (new express lanes are signed as 95D); extend north to beginning of Avenida Insurgentes Sur is actually GTO 110D second segment south of Amecameca; north end is at north end of Amecameca bypass west end of maintenance is just a bit to the east, but the logical end is where we have it add branch to Villa Avila Camacho? east end is on the Tuxpan side of the bridge extend slightly east to 140 at Banderilla extend west to Eje 8 Sur; not toll maintained around Puebla, but still signed as 150D, so no changes there remove Jose Cardel bypass (it's no longer toll); extend east in Veracruz to end of maintenance; add Minatitlan-Coatzacoalcos bypass; add Villahermosa bypass is 145D add Tlacolula-Juchitan (built at both ends, but not yet in middle) is 190D; two segments are signed as one add Compostela-south (need to verify that this is 200D); add Tecpan de Galeana bypass; eastern segment around Salina Cruz and Juchitan is 185D
305D: southeast of Popolnah to Playa del Carmen (endpoint at the toll booth?)
307D: Felipe Carrillo Puerto bypass
GUA 10D: Guadalajara bypass
I-20D: Irapuato bypass

unknown federal:
Aguascalientes southwest bypass (no longer a toll road)
Encarnacion de Diaz-San Juan de los Lagos (signed for 45D and 80D, which it connects; km posts are 307D which is nonsense)
Saltillo southwest bypass
Tepic-San Blas
short stub at south end of Tepic bypass
Valle de Guadalupe bypass

CHIH 80D: Ojinaga bypass extend south and add branches (already in pull requests) extend west (it's been completed to the state line at 15D) and add branch (ends just outside Valle de Bravo where the old road splits)
EMEX A-10D: Toluca southeast bypass
GTO D: Celaya bypass
JA 10D: Xalapa bypass change to federal and maybe truncate west end change to federal? this one is a huge mess
SLP 20D: San Luis Potosi bypass

unknown state:
Ojuelos de Jalisco bypass
San Luis Rio Colorado-Estacion Doctor
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