Author Topic: NY: Belt Pkwy/NY 27/NY 878  (Read 42 times)

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NY: Belt Pkwy/NY 27/NY 878
« on: Yesterday at 04:51:10 pm »
I think this interchange needs to be relooked at.  While this seems to be complicated, I hope it makes some sort of sense in the end.

I am thinking a 17W point should be added to Belt Pkwy that would potentially be the west end of NY 878.   NY 27 would have a point here as well. 

(maybe at or around

Also the Belt Pkwy and NY 27 should be synced at 18 and LefBlvd respectively (with the concurrency broken in between).

The NY 878 point at 119th St is fine location-wise, but 119thSt should be LefBlvd as well.