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FL: Nocatee Pkwy, Orchard Pond Pkwy, Hart Bridge Expwy
« on: May 13, 2020, 08:53:01 am »
Has any thought been given to adding both Nocatee Parkway and Orchard Pond Parkway to Travel Mapping?

Since Hart Street Expressway has an entry on named freeways, further south in St. Johns County, Nocatee Parkway is a limited access highway connecting U.S. 1 with the Nocatee development and CR 210 east to Palm Valley. The parkway is 5.2 miles long, with CR 210 following it from the interchange with Valley Ridge Blvd. The limited access portion extends east from the SPUI with Crosswater Parkway to Davis Park Road. There's a crossover midway along the eastern stretch, but its for a service gate.

Have photos of Nocatee Parkway posted on AARoads.
Nocatee Parkway in Google Maps.

Orchard Pond Parkway is County Road 0344. It was the first privately built toll road in the modern era, having opened in 2016. Its a controlled access roadway linking CR 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road) with CR 155 (Meridian Road) to the north of Tallahassee. An AET gantry is located near the east end. FDOT GIS data lists the route at 5.05 miles in length.

Have photos of CR 0344/Orchard Pond Parkway on AARoads.
Orchard Pond Parkway on Google Maps .

And for what it's worth, SR 228 and the Hart Bridge Expressway section from U.S. 1 ALT and the Hart Bridge to Downtown are in the process of being decommissioned. The elevated section of the expressway from south of TIAA Bank Field (home of the Jacksonville Jaquars) to Liberty Street closed last month, with a portion being demolished. FDOT GIS data already dropped 1.18 miles of SR 228 from west of the exchange with U.S. 1 ALT. The 0.32 segment on Adams Street east and 0.39 mile segment on Monroe Street west were removed complete. But the SLD's for all three have not been updated yet.
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