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Ooh. Looking very nice!


--- Quote from: michih on June 30, 2021, 12:31:03 pm ---Is it possible to get back to the start dialog without reloading the url?

The manual needs to be updated once it will be live, e.g.

--- End quote ---

After clicking [Visualize] (even if just Visualize Graph Data Only) there will be a [New Graph] button @ top right.

Still a few things that need fixing, but I have replaced the default production HDX version at with version 3, the one with this past summer's enhancements.  The previous production version will remain indefinitely at but I do not have plans to maintain it.

Please report any bugs and offer any suggestions using GitHub Issues at .  Have a look through existing Issues first, though, as there are plenty of things already reported as problems and requested/planned as new features.

Prep for the Summer 2022 project is underway, and I have now started making changes to the production version of HDX as fixes and new features are deemed ready to go.  The version (more or less) that was in production over the last several months remains available at


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