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How does this work?!


Hi there.
If I can post in this forum, do I have an account?
If I have an account, why am I not listed in the traveler stats?
If I am listed in the traveler stats, where is my map?
I registered on October 5th
I submitted my list, by email, on October 29 and promptly received a reply that I have to wait for a list moderator to review my post because I am a "non-member."
Heard nothing since.

So, what up?!?  <tap, tap, tap, tap>
 ??? >:( :o

Is the username for your list osu-lsu? I don't see anything with that username in the stats pages or in the most recent update of lists received by email. A recent update failed, so it's possible that your update was not included. Are you sure you formatted the list correctly?

I haven't run an update since I got your list (looks like it came in just before midnight Sunday night) and put it in place, but it will get in tonight.  I normally process everything daily but it's an especially busy couple days.  Watch for an email from me with some info about naming of your file.

BTW, a forum account lets you post here but is not necessary to get your stats into TM.  The only thing you need to do to get your stats on the site is to submit your list file, which you have now done.

Thank you.
I was hoping I could finally retire this map (below) after 14 years.


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