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Maintaining GitHub repositories on two or more computers


I'm getting ready to upgrade my desktop PC, from a slow and ancient one incompatible with GitHub to a modern PC with Windows 10. Right now, my only GitHub repositories are on my Windows 10 notebook PC.

Would I be able to maintain a separate set of repositories (both highway and user data) on my new PC to use at home, in addition to the notebook copies for use on the road? I expect I'll have to frequently synch both PCs with the GitHub master, to keep them in synch with each other. Any other issues that would be showstoppers, or that I'd need to work around?

This is exactly what git is good at.  However, it depends on how you're working exactly how to make this work.  Do you have a fork of these on GitHub you use regularly?  I'm thinking what you want is to have a clone on each PC and before you make any changes on each, pull down the latest from the origin on GitHub, then commit and push to your fork's origin on GitHub when you make changes.


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