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How can I see my travels in a whole country?

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Since Spain and Germany have been divided into regions, it's not clear to me how can I see in one map all my travels in those countries.

Right now, it is easy to look at, say, all the motorways in Spain, or all the roads (motorways, national, local) in for instance Catalunya. But is it possible to see all the roads in all of Spain?

You'll need to adjust your URL to have all the relevant regions you want mapped.
For example, my North American travels would be this:,OR,CA,NV,ID,MT,WY,UT,AZ,CO,NM,TX,KS,ND,SD,MN,IA,MO,AR,LA,MS,WI,MI,ON,NY,VT,NH,MA,CT,BC

For you, swap out 'bickendan' with your handle, and swap out all the US state and Canadian provincial codes with the Spanish and German region codes. It may take a bit for the map to generate, however.

there is a COUNTRY field

"" (put your handle in place of mine)

Because of the amount of data chewed and spat out - the site will take a lot of time to load (ESP is not so bad, USA is a long load.)

Thank you for your answers!

We need to figure out how to make this option available through the user interface rather than just by URL editing.

Here's the relevant GitHub issue:


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