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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #720 on: May 08, 2022, 04:47:00 pm »
A weekend to Fort Myers FL allowed me some clinching time.

In file order, I completed I-75 in FL (I now have clinched from the southern terminus to somewhere in Detroit), added mileage on US 17 (would have completed FL but for a road closed section), and added miles on US 27, US 92, US 98, US 192, US 441, clinched US 17/92 Truck (Kissimmee), US 41 Bus (Fort Myers), and US 301 Bypass (Baldwin), added miles on FL 23, FL 46, FL 50, FL 50A, clinched FL 80 (Fort Myers), added some FL 82, clinched FL 200 and FL 417, added FL 429 (an accident prevented me from getting all the way to the south end to clinch this one), clinched FL 451, added FL 464, FL 739, FL 865, and clinched FL 865 (Fort Myers), FL 867, and FL 884.

Except a couple of dangling ends between I-95 and US 1, the south end of FL 23, and a very small bit of FL 116, I have completed everything in north Florida (north of Orlando, that is) east of I-75.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #721 on: May 10, 2022, 02:56:55 pm »
Did a drive out from Portland to Albuquerque and back, picked up quite a bit.
Picked up ID 44 in its entirety, then set about grabbing I-84 Bus routes for Hammet, Glenn's Ferry, and Bliss, then grabbed all of US 30 from there to Burley, with Bus US 93 in Twin Falls, and US 93 itself from I-84 back to US 30. Grabbed Bus 84 (along with part of ID 27) in Burley.
In Utah, finished off I-84, picked up I-80 out to I-215, and I-215's southeast corner. Picked up Bus I-15 in Nephi and Fillmore, then I-70 all the way out to Denver, with attendent segments of overlapping routes. Grand Junction's US 6, 50, and Bus I-70.
US 6 6th Ave, I-70 to Pena Blvd, Pena Blvd itself, I-270, I-76 back to I-70, CO 58, US 6 back to CO 470, I-70 to I-25, and I-25 down to ABQ, with Bus I-25 in Raton and Las Vegas, along with clinching out those cities. NM 14, 466, and 475 in Santa Fe, as well as finishing off the southernmost bit of 599, before heading down to ABQ, grabbing portions of I-40 and NM 556. Went back up to Santa Fe to play a concert at the Association of Concert Bands, and headed back to Portland. US 84/285 in Santa Fe, cleared out Espanola, and up 285 to Colorado. Reclinched CO 142, and finished CO 159, picked up US 160 back to Alamosa, with a detour up CO 150 to Great Sand Dunes. Followed US 285 all the way to I-25, grabbed I-225, then took I-25 up to Cheyenne. Bus 25/US 85/87 and I-180, along with the western bit of Bus 80/US 30, and stayed on I-80 back into Utah.
Drove up US 89, UT 186, and back down UT 71 as I needed to do a detour to Smith's Marketplace, then took UT 201 out to I-80.
Bus I-80 in Wendover, Wells, Elko, Battle Mountain, Carlin, and Winnemucca, along with incidental segments of US 93 and NV routes. Took US 95 to NV 140, psyched myself out of NV 292 by misreading NV 292's milemarker (x.x), and clinched OR/NV 140, took US 97 to OR 138, clinched OR 138, clinching everything west of US 97 in Oregon save for OR 429, ORH 372 and US 97 itself.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #722 on: May 13, 2022, 10:54:28 pm »
My semester being over and my summer projects not yet underway gave me the chance to get a little creative on both directions of a ride to Ithaca for a conference planning meeting yesterday and today.  I added almost 200 new miles, just about all in usany and a few miles of US 11.

New mileage on previously traveled NY 8, NY 23, NY 26, NY 34, NY 38, NY 38A, NY 41, NY 79, NY 80, NY 174, NY 175 (clinched), NY 298 (clinched, and unusually done by adding segments on each end of a route I'd previously traveled in the middle)

First-ever travels on 10 routes: NY 13A (clinched), NY 41A, NY 90, NY 96B, NY 200 (clinched), NY 221 (clinched), NY 316 (clinched), NY 327 (clinched), NY 359 (clinched)

I'll have more chances to add to my previously pretty sparse travels in that area for the next planning meeting in September and for the conference itself next April.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #723 on: May 14, 2022, 02:52:11 pm »
Crossposted from AARoads: My first cross-border trip

Yesterday I embarked on my first cross-border trip since I got my driver's license.

I entered the US via the Queenston-Lewiston bridge, which allowed me to clinch Highway 405. From there, I proceeded first directly to Rochester NY, via I-190, I-290, I-90 (Thruway), and I-490.

The Thruway between Buffalo and Rochester is unfortunately one of the most boring stretches of any roadway I've ever had the displeasure to drive on so far.

In Rochester, I drove on parts of I-390 and clinched what's left of the Inner Loop. I visited the University of Rochester, where I stumbled upon a graduation event. I then visited the Abandoned Subway Tunnel under Broad Street, walked around downtown, and visited the High Falls, Lower Falls, and made my way up north into the burbs to Ontario Beach State Park.

After that, I made my way west on Lake Ontario State Parkway, leading to a clinch of that Parkway. Even though the western section has been touted as the worst maintained road, I didn't find it excruciatingly bad like how some TripAdvisor reviews made it to be. It was interesting that despite the western section having so little traffic, I still found a State Trooper doing a radar gun. Where the LOSP ended, I continued on NY-18, which still surprised me with how little traffic there was, given that rural provincial Highways in Ontario generally have a lot more traffic. Along the way, I stopped in the town of Olcott.

From there, I continued on NY-18 until i joined the Niagara State Parkway to Fort Niagara. After visiting the Fort, I continued south on the Parkway to NY 104, where I visited the Power Vista. I found it interesting how there were 8 lanes of traffic under the Vista (although 2 of them are mothballed). I then continued south on NY-104 to Niagara State Park. I then had to go to WalMart and McDonald's, which led me to clinch US-62 Business in Niagara Falls, and also drive on part of US 62.

I then took a little detour to get on the LaSalle Expressway, where I then went south on I-190 again down to Buffalo. I really liked the section where it bordered the river. In Buffalo, I took a joyride on the NFTA Metro, walked around Downtown, and visited Canalside. I also visited the south campus of University of Buffalo. I also visited the Highmark Stadium. Within the Buffalo area, I was able to clinch I-190, drive on parts of I-90, US 219, NY-179, and NY-5.

I then spent an hour trying to get ArriveCan to work, as the portable Wifi that I brought had failed. Apparently, McDonald's wifi doesn't work for ArriveCan either. I had to shell out $12 to roam. That fiasco also included my friend losing his passport, which was later found under one of the seats. I then headed back home via the Peace Bridge, where I also then clinched the QEW. (It was the last half-km which I couldn't clinch earlier due to border closure)

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #724 on: May 15, 2022, 05:08:27 pm »
A few days ago I returned from an 8-day trip that finished off US 52 & US 59, as well as all the usaus in Nebraska. Uncharacteristically poor planning on my part kept me from adding completing that system in Minnesota as well, and my tendency to allocate all waking hours to driving (rather than holding some in reserve for emergencies) kept South Dakota's US highways at 98%. Further lack of foresight also kept me out of Saskatchewan, a province I haven't visited in 14 years.

But mostly the plan went well. First day took me to Columbus, Nebraska, via K-9 (clinched) and several short Kansas highways. One posted detour looked annoyingly long (using state highways) so I DIYed around the bridge replacement on some questionable gravel roads, something I should have learned not to do back in 2018, and something that may have played into a future misadventure. The second day also went according to plans, and I ended it in a one-room schoolhouse that now acts as an Airbnb and museum.

The third day was when things started to go south. About an hour after getting lunch in Pierre, SD, I noticed a horrible scraping noise coming from under the car. The aluminum splash shield had come loose at one corner, and the strong wind I was heading into was pulling it down to the pavement. 4 hours and a $250 towing bill later, I was back on the road, sans this part that two people who (a) didn't have the part and (b) didn't have to drive a car without one assured me wasn't important. The delay meant that I'd either have to skip some of my planned route for that day, or arrive at my Airbnb after 11pm. Since that would be asking a lot of the host, I chose to punt on US 385 & 16, and go straight to US 85, since there's a chance I might be in a position to clinch that later this summer. The next day, I managed to get to Devil's Tower shortly after sunrise, but before the gates were manned, so I got a free up-close look at that impressive feature. Rest of the day was uneventful, and my car didn't seem to be suffering. Fortunately the next day was Monday, and there was a Honda dealer in Bismarck, so I planned to take care of the car in the morning.

Accordingly, I got up at 4:00 and rushed through a nasty storm to get to Bismarck right after the dealer opened. But when I called the service department, they told me they didn't have the part I needed, and agreed with the others that it wasn't important enough to make me wait for one. So I continued on, and made use of the extra time to clinch a few more state routes between there and Williston. The rest of the day was fine and I spent the night poised to enter Canada for breakfast in the morning.

That didn't happen. Some border crossings, including the one on US 85, aren't open 24 hours. When I reached that one, the sign said I was over 90 minutes too early. Oddly, when I entered my info into the ArriveCAN app, it accepted my proposed 7:15 arrival without argument. With nothing particularly interesting to see there, and knowing that I still had 11 hours of driving left, I reluctantly turned around. My intended point of re-entry to the States was at Portal on US 52, which doesn't close, but by the time I got there, it didn't seem worth it to try doing the planned route through Saskatchewan in reverse. So again I turned around at the border so that I could at least claim the last few miles of US 52 I needed, which I managed to accomplish mid-afternoon.

By then I was aware of the flooding. Much of the Red River Valley was still dealing with the annual spring flood, which turned out to be especially nasty and long-lasting this year. Had I initially considered that some of my route might be under water in May, I probably would have chosen to move my trip to a later date, but that thought never crossed my mind when I made my plans back in March. Fortunately, most of the bridges that were closed when the trip began had opened by the time I arrived, so I was able to clinch the business routes in Grand Forks, complete US 59 at the border (well after its opening), and get back across the river in Manitoba. Unfortunately, one road that was still barricaded was US 75, which dead-ends just shy of the border. I attempted to find another path to the end, but county roads were flooded as well. There are some houses at the end, so I'm not sure how those people get in or out, or if they all had to evacuate. So plans to clinch that route later this year will have to be put on hold unless I find a way to get back to northern Minnesota this summer.

After a restful night at an Airbnb run by a hotel manager, I embarked on the long journey home, one marked by lots of fog, rain, construction, and traffic (there was no way to avoid driving past Chicago during the afternoon rush). Still, I pulled into my garage at 11:58pm.

Overall mileage: 3776 new, out of a little over 7500 miles driven
New clinches: 71, bringing my total over 8000 (2 from usaus, 12 usausb, and 3 usaib)

In addition, my ranking in both Dakotas rose to 3rd place (from 5th and 7th). This was my first trip to North Dakota in nearly 10 years, and the first time I deliberately attempted any highway clinching there, so my total clinches in the state rose from 15 to 43. It's been even longer since I was in Manitoba, but due to the flooding, I stuck to paved roads, and failed to clinch anything in the 60 miles I drove there.
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