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MD: MD 97 Brookeville Bypass



It looks like completion has been pushed to the end of 2022.

Latest update from the MD 97 Brookeville Bypass website:  https://mdot-sha-md97-brookeville-bypass-mo7465171-r-maryland.hub.arcgis.com/

--- Quote ---Fall 2022: Crews continue project activity for construction of the new road for the project. Weather permitting, the new road could open by late fall--weather and progress permitting, As a result, the Brookeville Road closure will remain in effect until the new mainline road opens.
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Latest Update:

--- Quote ---Winter 2022: The project is now 85 percent complete. The previously communicated estimated completion date for the project was year-end 2022. The new estimated completion date is late summer 2023. A redesign of a bridge for the project has pushed back the final paving schedule until next year. Through late spring, limited work on the project will continue, weather permitting.
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