Author Topic: AZ: NPS Highway for Coronado National Memorial  (Read 139 times)

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AZ: NPS Highway for Coronado National Memorial
« on: May 08, 2022, 04:21:09 pm »
Similar to the recently removed roads in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Montezuma Canyon Road (MonCanRd) in Coronado National Memorial is only an NPS road from the Coronado Memorial Overlook (CorMemOve) to AZ 92. The segment from AZ 83 to the overlook is not an NPS road, since the NPS jurisdiction ends a few hundred feet west of the overlook.

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Re: AZ: NPS Highway for Coronado National Memorial
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2022, 12:17:31 am »
So... per the same GIS database that was consulted previously (here it is again), not even actually. NPS jurisdiction is entirely limited to the section within the boundaries of Coronado National Monument (which makes sense). Between the east edge of the monument and AZ 92 it's Cochise County. Beyond the west edge of the monument (not the same point as the overlook, do note this) it is a NFS road, then part of it is Cochise County, then it flips back to NFS before reaching AZ 83.

That said I hesitate to slice up or ditch this one since it does serve as a connection between AZ 83 (otherwise a system dead end) and AZ 92, and that is one of the explicit inclusion criteria:
1) a missing gap in an existing system (eg Mammoth Cave, California Routes, Yellowstone)
2) a specific NPS unit for the road (eg Natchez Trace, Blue Ridge, George Washington Memorial and Baltimore-Washington Parkways)
3) a through route linking roads already in (eg Painted Canyon Road)
4) an extension of an existing system into a park
5) roads that seem important enough and link with other roads - even if they dead-end

And unlike North and South Rim Drive in/around Canyon De Chelly which are both 100% BIA, at least some of Montezuma Canyon Road is NPS maintained.

Likely leaving this one be.