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Failed Site Update 9-27

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I did not run Datacheck on my pull request yesterday as it was just minor label changes, but it was successful when I ran it this morning so I am unsure what happened.

I made a bad updates.csv line (sorry), and Jim fixed it for me (terrible phrasing, I know, sorry!), but then somehow mucked up a different line, which I've just fixed.

Thanks for the fix.  Looks like I made a stray edit unintentionally while searching for the original problematic line.  I should know better than to try to save a few minutes by editing right on GitHub and not taking a closer look at the changes I'm about to commit.  And then going to bed without waiting for the update to complete.

An update is in progress now.

I'm not sure that si404's update has been merged in Github yet.

All I know is at 10:52 EDT, there is an update still going on.  ???


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