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Re: AASHTO Spring 2018
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2021, 06:52:05 pm »
The US 12 removal in Gary IN is a temporary measure, to make way for transit improvements. A new alignment for that part of US 12 (mostly on US 20, but with a short connector between US 20 and the rest of US 12) will be completed later this year or next, with a separate application to cover that reroute.
I could not find the US 12 application for this meeting or any for a future meeting so I am unsure of the status on this.

I did find US 12 at the bottom of the overall list.

I did find this document from April 2020 on the US 12 relocation onto US 20 and the new connector east of Lake St.  I am not sure of any updates after this though the connector may be under construction now.

It seems like the connector has been opened.  (

EDIT (12-28-2021):  A new thread has been started on this ( 

EDIT (1-17-2022):  Both of the US 421/IL 56 and US 12 relocations have been completed.  (
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