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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 150 Further Point Concerns
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 127 Point Concerns
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 126 Point Concerns
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 33 and NC 304 Point Concerns
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: US 441 Bus Cherokee Routing
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: NC: NC 160 (and NC 49) Point Concerns
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Updates to Highway Data / Re: UT: usanp roads
« Last post by US 89 on Yesterday at 02:58:12 pm »
Kolob Terrace Road, based on pavement changes and signage, appears to be NPS maintained only within the bounds of the park. Outside the park it's a county road. This means maintenance changes four times and there are two discontiguous segments of NPS maintenance.

Precedent established with NPS 602 and NPS615 suggests this should, at minimum, be truncated to only the NPS-maintained segments. However, given that this doesn't connect to any of Zion's prime attractions, I am inclined to simply 86 the whole thing. That said, if the whole thing is kept, it needs to be updated to reflect a realignment at the south end.

As someone who has clinched this road, it is my opinion that it does not belong in TM. As mentioned above, the vast majority of it is a county road, and the only reason Washington County doesn't maintain all of it is because it happens to pass through Zion park boundaries. It connects to nothing else within the park (unless your idea of "connect" includes a long backpacking trip), and the only real park-related things accessible from it are a couple of distant overlooks. The north end of the "route" is also silly - once you leave the park, it becomes a narrow winding road that isn't maintained all that well that goes by some ranches, cabins, and a small reservoir or two. I don't think there is any paved through road to the north.

In short: this is a county road whose main purpose is to serve a few random cabins, ranches, and small lakes that just happens to weave through the park boundary.

Islands In The Sky Scenic Drive has a significant length outside the park boundary but has NPS-spec signs from the beginning and no pavement change at the park boundary so this is probably okay.

I believe all of this road is NPS maintained south of the point where it splits from 313. The Grand County map marks it as "state route" ... and while this is not technically true, a lot of maps like this use the same color for both state and federal roads (I know nearby Uintah County does this explicitly).

The San Juan County map above shows the entire road as class B, including the portion within the park, which is interesting... and on second thought, I am not sure how reliable that map is. Both Island in the Sky and the part of Needles Road within their respective parks are most definitely NPS maintained, but they both show on the map as class B roads. Meanwhile, other routes within the county that we know are NPS maintained (the part of Utah 276 inside Glen Canyon NRA, Natural Bridges) do show as "state highways". The Grand County map I mentioned above does not show anything within Arches as county maintained.

By the way, "class B roads" are basically a Utah law designation for county roads:

Quote from: Utah Code 72-3-103 County roads -- Class B roads -- Construction and maintenance by counties
(1) County roads comprise all public highways, roads, and streets within the state that:
   (a) are situated outside of incorporated municipalities and not designated as state highways;
   (b) have been designated as county roads; or
   (c) are located on property under the control of a federal agency and constructed or maintained by the county under agreement with the appropriate federal agency.
(2) County roads are class B roads.
(3) The state and county have joint undivided interest in the title to all rights-of-way for all county roads.
(4) The county governing body exercises sole jurisdiction and control of county roads within the county.
(5) The county shall construct and maintain each county road using funds made available for that purpose.
(6) The county legislative body may expend funds allocated to each county from the Transportation Fund under rules made by the department.
(7) A county legislative body may use any portion of the class B road funds provided by this chapter for the construction and maintenance of class state roads by cooperative agreement with the department.
(8) A county may enter into agreements with the appropriate federal agency for the use of federal funds, county road funds, and donations to county road funds to construct, improve, or maintain county roads within or partly within national forests.
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