Author Topic: CA: I-405 'former' exit 56  (Read 4834 times)

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CA: I-405 'former' exit 56
« on: December 02, 2023, 02:03:17 am »
Just randomly was looking @ I-405 due to seeing if anything special needed to be added for the new Express Lanes (thankfully, there isn't any new dedicated exits that need to be added that don't have access from the general purpose lanes), and noticed there was a former exit that was closed in 2014.

Then I look at I-405's file and notice it isn't there, even though it's normal practice that exits get marked as closed, if they were in the project before closure.

So, look at the history and notice that it was indeed there in the file up till 2016 when it got removed, instead of *'ed.

Oscar, is it possible that Exit #56 for Montana Avenue be re-added to I-405's file?  I know I don't need it (never been to CA), but who knows who out there possibly might.  At least it had it's exit number posted in the past, so that's not an issue as to how to label it (*56).