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Updates to Highway Data / Re: AL: AL158 Extension
« Last post by cockroachking on September 24, 2023, 10:29:25 pm »
I was waiting for confirmation of signage before I extended it.
GSV now shows signage.
Updates to Highway Data / IN: IN 931 North End
« Last post by Markkos1992 on September 24, 2023, 09:28:38 pm »
It looks like this route should be truncated to end here. (

There was no signage north of here or along Kern Rd that indicated that it makes it to US 31.
Solved Highway data updates / Re: NY: Random point comments
« Last post by yakra on September 24, 2023, 03:10:27 pm »
1) NY207, would it be possible to add a point here? There was a discussion previously in this area about whether or not NY 17M exists along Matthews Street east of here, there's one sign for NY 17M wb traffic further east of here, but nothing for eb. There is a point at the crossing of 207/17A/17M at FutI86/NY17, so maybe this was considered previously and ruled out because of how close this point is.
That's essentially it, yeah. 1PPI (1 Point Per Interchange), with North Connector Rd interpreted as a glorified set of ramp termini.
As for NY17M itself, in the HB it splits from NY17 at exit 124 and cuts across the "couplet' straight to SouSt. There's no point at NY207 & North Connector, as one direction of the route doesn't pass through there. NY207 follows suit, and goes 1PPI.
That said, if both directions of the route passed through, I definitely would include a point.
OTOH, one point per interchange, is it? What if there weren't an interchange in here gumming things up?
When only surface roads have been involved, I've sometimes put points where a route that's concurrent in only one direction splits off. Other times I may not have, though no examples come to mind.
Post a reply; make an argument for or against. Convince m one way or the other.

2) NY173, can a point be added at East Brighton Avenue in Syracuse? This point is a logical connection point to I-481 exit 1.

3) NY370, I would suggest a point be added at CR 57 in Liverpool. This makes sense as it's a former state route and leads to a Thruway interchange.
Pretty close to OswSt, but what the hey. It's SR931G, signed TO CR57, which begins at Tulip St. OswSt_W added; existing OswSt relabeled OswSt_E.

5) LaSExpy and NiaScePkwyNia, again a previous discussion about this area but no formal response appears to have been made. My suggestion is to make the trumpet from I-190 21A to the east LaSExpy and extend NiaScePkwy along the "ramp" to LaSExpy (due to the northbound shield on the ramp and the MP 0.0)
I'll respond over in that thread in order to keep discussion in one place, and close this one out.

7) Can a point be added along NY 266 for the northern Unity Island Park entrance?

Eh. I'll pass on this one. Waypoint density is already quite thick in that area, and this appears more of a driveway than a road.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: ROU: DN2D in Focşani
« Last post by michih on September 24, 2023, 12:18:42 pm »
I drove the "northern route" via Strada Mărășești and Strada Cuza Vodă today. However, I don't need to report anything since August 2023 GSV is available meanwhile :D

Long story short, we should likely keep it as-is. Longer story: The "northern route" is still signed as described above. There is that "new" sign on DN2 but there is still an "old" sign to the route we have in HB, see August 2023 GSV.

@panda80, what do you think?
Updates to Highway Data / Re: TX 310 has been extended north
« Last post by yakra on September 24, 2023, 10:33:14 am »
This has been on my radar. Going to hold off on making any some changes until construction and signage come into clearer focus.

the bridges are being removed, so the only point that's absolutely necessary is PenAve to match I-45
I foresee putting them where US175 had them before for the benefit of those who traveled there back in the US175 days.

(although MLK is getting new ramps to/from I-45 to the north and better access to/from the south, so maybe 283B on I-45 should be moved there). A new northbound exit to Lipscomb Way (also 283B, yuck) and southbound entrance from 310 south of Lipscomb Way are also under construction.
🤮 Right now I'm thinking, probably go 1PPI and put a point halfway between Lipscomb & MLK, and that should be close enough for those who used the old US175 exit.
Existing 283B is probably where it is for historical reasons.
Southbound, SM Wright always appears to have been 283B at least while GMSV has existed. The plain "283" labeling may have been just a convenient early-CHM fudge to get unique labels.

Right now, 283B is not in use.
Makes sense to strike while the iron is hot, and give that point the axe. Those who used the historical exit (to/from the S only) would have exited/merged at just about exactly Lamar, so they can go ahead & use 283A in their .lists if need be.
The *283B label can move to SM Wright where it (for now) belongs, with +283 as an alt. The exit does appear to be closed for construction, so it gets an asterisk.
Once construction is complete (or has progressed sufficiently), it can lose the asterisk & move southward between Lipscomb & MLK.

I'm not sure what to do with the north end of 310. The plan is to feed directly into Chavez, apparently without any access to Good-Latimer, and I don't see any planned I-45 ramps other than those mentioned above. So maybe it'll end at MLK or Lipscomb when all is done.
That would explain the annoying lack of a TX310 shield or space for one on the new sign at SB 283B.
Weird those posts above the left half of the sign though; is something gonna go there in the future?

There's also a missing interchange at BuddSt.
CarGarSt added.
On a side note, do we 'possibly' have I-2 going 1 exit too far as well?  All signage from the ramps seems to indicate I-2 really starts @ Exit 131, not 130.

@ Future US-83/83Business interchange (no I-2 shield)
@ Exit 131 (I-2 shield present)

@ Exit 133 (I-2 shield present)
@ Exit 131 (no I-2 shield)

Phase two of the project opens the eastbound and westbound U.S. 83 main lanes and frontage roads from the U.S. 83 west connector in Peñitas —located east of Showers Road — to Jara Chinas Road, the news release stated.

The westbound U.S. 83 frontage road between FM 2221 and the U.S. 83 East connector in Sullivan City also opened as part of the phase.

Don't know what this might mean if any reroute of US-83 has happened yet, or any extension of I-2.

At minimum, if the US-83 reroute/I-2 extension isn't official yet, at least a new point from where the new route diverts from US-83 should at this time be added.
Solved Highway data updates / Re: HI: Lots missing
« Last post by Duke87 on September 23, 2023, 11:09:27 pm »

Okay yeah I don't think either of those count. Gotta be the guitar pick.

The 31 sign in your photo does not appear to still be around per GMSV, though a similar newer sign (green instead of white) is at the east end. There are state spec mile markers with "31" in a little tab on the bottom, but.... no guitar picks on the county section. So yeah it doesn't go in regardless.
Updates to Highway Data / IL: IL 8 Point Requests
« Last post by Markkos1992 on September 23, 2023, 09:26:59 pm »
I would like to have points on IL 8 where it turns onto Farmington Rd and just east of it at Sterling Dr.  The latter point is somewhat vital because it is signed as part of a detour currently in place for IL 8 in the area.  I just wish these intersections were further apart.
Solved Highway data updates / Re: HI: Lots missing
« Last post by oscar on September 23, 2023, 12:03:18 pm »
This in any case takes us into a rabbit hole. We were talking about county routes with route markers similar to those on state-maintained routes. Many county routes are unsigned or have dissimilar route markers, including at least one (county 31 in southeastern Maui) cited by the OP.

What sort of dissimilar route markers?
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