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OR: some endpoints are off
« on: May 11, 2023, 02:22:53 pm »
Based on ODOT's GIS and the Digital Video Log, the endpoints of several dead-end routes are no longer in the correct locations.
  • OR 70 should be extended slightly to the east, to end at the junction of Central and Market (signage agrees).
  • OR 200 should be shortened a lot, since it now appears to end at the Benton/Lane county line
  • OR 205 should be shortened slightly, to end at Roaring Springs Ranch Rd (the point labeled "RockCreRd" in TM) (signage agrees)
  • OR 250 should be shortened by about 50% to end at the state park boundary
  • OR 251 should be shortened slightly to end at the eastern driveway to the lifeboat station, and the endpoint should be renamed
  • OR 255 should be rerouted at the north end to the 101/Carpentersville Rd junction just south of the Pistol River bridge (signage agrees)
  • OR 380 should be extended slightly at the east end to the end of the bridge east of Paulina
  • OR 410 should be extended slightly north to the Sumpter city limits, just west of Cracker Creek Rd
  • OR 542 should be extended slightly south to the Powers city limits, at Railroad Ave


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Re: OR: some endpoints are off
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2024, 04:48:11 pm »
OR 70: Fixed.
OR 200: Fixed and submitted.
OR 205: Fixed and submitted.
OR 250: Fixed.
OR 380: Fixed.
OR 410: Fixed.
OR 542: Fixed.

OR 255 will need more attention and US 101 will need some point relabels to match.