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Solved Highway data updates / Re: NE: New L27E in Fremont/Inglewood
« Last post by yakra on Today at 11:03:36 am »
the log book does have S27E in it (listed as "Inglewood Spur").
Haha Derp! I thought it was listed in alphanumeric order like usanes.csv, and never scrolled down past the links to the spurs.

Per the log book the route ends at Inglewood city limits, which just so happen to line up with Boulevard Street.
City limits, yes. Lines up per both OSM and Google. OTOH, the city map does show the limit a bit south of BouSt, and the hwy continuing a bit north to BouSt itself.
Though if we're using OSM for our point sources, they're the same thing. A Good Thing, as it neatly removes the ambiguity! :D

There's a pavement change there.
Don't know if I'd put too much stock in that on its own, it may just be the end of the section that was realigned.
...Which may or may not correspond to the village limit anyway. ;)
GMSV has it halfway between the village limit sign (if that's accurate, lol) and Boulevard St.

All of that to say, what's in the HB now is as good as we're going to get.
And all of that to say... agreed! As noted above.

Another factor that made me pick BouSt was that if we do find we need to adjust the terminus in the future, it's easier to truncate with an AltLabel on the end so everyone can keep clinches than to add a new point & have people lose clinches.
(Notwithstanding that we could just do the same thing, move the endpoint a tiny bit & use an AltLabel, LOL.)
Other Discussion / Re: Can't find topic: /fast/tm/datacheck & git branches
« Last post by yakra on Today at 09:52:45 am »
That's the one. Thanks!
Updates to Highway Data / MD: MD 193 point
« Last post by dfilpus on Today at 07:48:49 am »
Good Luck Road. Connector from MD 193 to Baltimore-Washington Parkway via Soil Conservation Road and Powder Mill Road. The route is signed to the Goddard Visitor Center at NASA.
Updates to Highway Data / Re: PA: PA760 truncation?
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Today at 06:19:23 am »
Another note, the Type 10 Map for Mercer County still shows a PA 760 shield along PA 718 while the Traffic Volume Map does not.

So I am thinking that PA 760 is still signed from US 62 BUS WB though I cannot 100% prove it due to limitations of the PennDOT Video Log not allowing me to view the WB Direction.

I am pretty sure that my decision here is dependent on whether PA 760 SB is still signed from US 62 BUS SB.

So as of last night, PA 760 SB is still signed from here so this is a no-build for now.  Why this one shield would stay with the rest removed is beyond my brain to figure out.
Is Historic US 10 in North Dakota anything to be concerned about? There are more.
I've added it. Elsewhere in the state it's CR10 or I-94BL, but between Mandan and Dickinson it's CR139 and an ND Scenic Byway called Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway (after its pre-numbering trail name, and its former US number), which is signed mostly as 'Scenic Byway' with a Buffalo, but occasionally both the normal signage and also the disc from your GMSV links.

There's two spurs to Almont, with an Old Red Old 10 disc leaving that town, but no discs elsewhere. I've routed US10His along the main scenic byway and not included the spurs.
Updates to Highway Data / MD: MD 24 point
« Last post by Jim on Yesterday at 09:31:21 pm »
I could use a point on MD 24 at Singer Road, to match the nearby point on MD 924 for those who might go "around the block" there after turning right out of the big shopping centers near there on 924, like I did today.
Other Discussion / Re: Can't find topic: /fast/tm/datacheck & git branches
« Last post by Jim on Yesterday at 09:17:36 pm »
I don't recall any discussion, we can have some here and/or in the GitHub Issue.
Other Discussion / Can't find topic: /fast/tm/datacheck & git branches
« Last post by yakra on Yesterday at 05:23:26 pm »
ISTR (vaguely) a recent topic about running /fast/tm/datacheck, and whether it only processes a user's master branch, the currently checked-out-branch, or what.
OP may have had some questions about what it does & how to do it.

I'm not finding anything on the obvious boards on the forum; maybe it was in a recent pull request or GitHub issue?
There is DataProcessing#618, but no recent discussion there.

Any chance anyone recognizes what I'm talking about & is able to provide a link?
Updates to Highway Data / Re: WV: US 33 Realignment west of Spencer
« Last post by oscar on Yesterday at 04:19:35 pm »
Apple Maps' imagery has it too (as long as you zoom in close enough).

ESRI satellite imagery, unlike Apple's, is among the maps already available in our Waypoint Editor, to help us edit route files for new alignments. Other kinds of satellite imagery are also on the Waypoint Editor menu.
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