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chng: China National Expressways
« on: April 26, 2019, 06:34:52 pm »
I didn't find an existing system thread.

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chng updates
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2023, 04:08:25 pm »
Information from running the 2035 plan (from 2022) through Google Translate and comparing to what exists on OSM:

G0111 extends south to Binzhou (OSM and zh.wikipedia say the south end is G18)
G0112 complete, from Changchun to Liaoyuan per, but OSM shows only S routes
G0121 complete, with the gap filled and the extension to Qinhuangdao built
G0122 not yet
G0211 complete, from G0111 to where it becomes G2002 outside Shijiazhuang
G0212 not yet (currently S40)
G3 extends south to Suping (obviously doesn't reach Taipei as planned); realigned at Nanping
G0311 exists since 2022 per from G3/G2001 at Jinan to G0321 at Liaocheng
G0321 partly complete, from G3 south of Dezhou to S42 east of Qimen and G56 at Wuyuan ( claims it's open south from Tuochuan) to G6021 at Xingangshan ( claims it continues south to G60 on what OSM has as S19)
G0322 not yet (currently S3901, S3501 where built?)
G0323 partly complete, from G1511 at Jining (OSM shows it continuing north to G35, but the list says Jining and says that part is S33) to G3 near Xuzhou, Guzhen to G36 at Bengbu ( claims it continues south to S95, but the interchange with G36 is under construction?)
G0411 complete, from G4 at Anyang to G2212 at Changzhi (OSM shows it's S22 east of Linzhou, but says it "will become" G0411 in 2022)
G0412 not yet
G0413 not yet
G0421 complete, from G1516 at Xuchang to Guangzhou (partly mapped as G4W2, its old number)
G0422 complete, from Wuhan to S30 east of Shenzhen (OSM shows a large portion as S11, but appears to show it all as G0422)
G0423 complete, from G4 northwest of Lechang to G45/G94 north of Guangzhou (mapped as G4W3, its old number)
G0424 partly complete, from G30 east of Zhengzhou to G40 at Loushan; claims what OSM shows as S3601 south of Beijing is G0424; claims the portion south of G40 to Wuhan opened in 2023
G5 has been realigned between Shijiazhuang and Taiyuan using what we have as G5N and G2001. Former G5 is now G2002 and G20.
The G0501 and G0511 we have are not in the list or; the latter shows them as S2202 and S2211, respectively.
G0511 complete, from G5 north of Deyang to south of Dujiangyan
G0512 partly complete, from G5 south of Chengdu to G93 at Leshan
G0513 not yet
G6 partly compete, with the gap filled and an extension west to Golmud, plus Nagqu to west of Lhasa
G0611 partly complete, from G30 at Zhangye to south of Minle and Ebao/Ebuzhen (per OSM; shows the end near Menyuan) to north of Tongren
G0612 partly complete, from G6 at Xining Airport to G6 west of Xining, northwest of Caka to G3011 near Xiaochaidan? (OSM shows this as S2013 and S20, but says it's G0612), and Yetimbulak to Hotan ( says this is under construction east of Qakilik)
G0613 partly complete, with a tiny extension south from what we have, plus a piece from south of Shangri-La to G5611 west of Lijiang
G0615 partly complete, from south of Delhi to Ngawa
G0616 not yet
G7 partly complete; the gap in BJ still exists (but appears to be longer, with both OSM and not including S323 to S216 in G7); the gap between CHN-HE G7 and CHN-NM G7 has been filled; G7 now leaves what we have some distance east of Hami, with its own route to end at G30 northwest of Urumqi
G0711 partly complete, from Lopnur to Qakilik/Ruoqiang
G0712 not yet
G11 as we have it, except it bypasses Jiamusi to the west (OSM shows it complete but says it's under construction)
G1111 partly complete as we have it
G1112 complete, from Ji'an to G45 near Shuangliao (looks like the part we have is badly traced)
G1113 partly complete as we have it, except according to OSM and it does not exist south of G11_N
G1115 complete, from G11 near Jixi to G1012 (or G1011?) near Jiansanjiang (OSM shows S11 but claims it's now G1115)
G1116 not yet (looks like it's currently S12)
G1117 not yet (but isn't Suihua-Beian G1211?)
G1118 partly? complete, from G11 near Fusong to near Changbai Mountain (OSM shows S1 but claims it's now G1118)
G1119 not yet
G1131 partly complete, from Wangqing to G12 near Yanji
G15 complete except ferries; needs to be extended south at Xuwen with a short piece at Haikou
G1515 complete, from G15 north of Yancheng to G2/G40 near Jingjiang
G1516 partly complete, from southeast of Yancheng to G2/G2511 near Huai'an, and from S49 near Sihong to G36/G55 near Luoyang
G1517 complete, from southeast of Putian to G0422 near Yanling
G1518 partly complete, from Jinhu to G25 and G36 near Mingguang to G36 near Mohekou (OSM shows all as S routes but shows G1518)
G1519 partly complete, from G15 near Nantong to Rudong
G1521 complete, from G1522 near Changshu to G15/G92
G1522 complete (complete renumbering of our G15W)
G1523 complete, from Ningbo to G94/G9411 near Dongguan (including almost all of what we have as G15W3 and all of G1503) (OSM shows parts as S35 and S30, but says it's all G1523)
G1531 not yet
G1532 partly complete, from G72 west of Hushan to G25 near Meizhou (partly S10 on OSM, but says it's all G1532)
G1533 not yet
G1534 not yet
G1535 partly complete, from G15 west of Raoping to G1532 near Dama (may still be S11? OSM is contradictory and says S11) and G25 near Meizhou to G35 near Pingyuan
G1536 not yet
G25 complete, including the gaps near Binzhou and from Tonglu to Jinhua
G2515 not yet
G2516 complete, from G18 near Kenli to G20 at Fenyang
G2517 complete, from G25/G70 at Shaxian to Xiamen (OSM shows a bunch as S30 but says it's G2517)
G2518 partly complete, from G0425 at Zhongshan to G65/G80 at Cenxi
G2519 complete, from G25 near Kangping to Shenyang (OSM shows S2 but says G2519)
G2531 not yet
G35 has been realigned between Qianshan and Dongzhi; the old alignment where not overlapped is S27
G3511 partly complete, from G1511 near Heze to Ronghe and G5 near Heyang to G85 near Fengxiang (doesn't look like the Linyi Yellow River Bridge is open yet to fill the gap)
G3512 not yet
G45 complete; it fills the gap at Beijing by using the east half of G4501. It seems that the former spurs are now S11 and G106 (not an expressway). The gap between Longnan and Conghua has been filled.
G4512 complete, from G45/G1112 near Shuangliao to one interchange past what we have at Nenjiang
G4513 partly complete, from G45 near Naiman Banner to Kouhezi and G25 near Fuxin to G15 east of Yingkou
G4515 partly complete, from G45 to G16 near Chifeng
G55 partly complete, as we have it? ( appears to show it complete from the eventual north end at Erenhot) (there seems to be a gap in southern Taiyuan; southbound traffic can't reach the supposed gap filler)
G5511 partly complete, from west of Ulanhot (not as far south as we have it) to G10 near Arun/Arong Banner (and maybe small pieces on either side of a G16 overlap from west of Heighten-Banner to east of Xinchengzi?)
G5515 partly complete, from G5513 near Zhangjiajie to Daguquan and south of Xianfeng to G42 southeast of Nanchong
G5516 complete, from G55 south of Sunite Right Banner to G95 near Guyuan (but the list says it goes to Zhangjiakou)
G5517 partly complete, from S20 east of Yiyang to G0401 near Changsha ( also shows a tiny piece west of G55 near Changde)
G5518 not yet (part seems to be S87)
G59 partly complete, from Hohhot to G20 at Luliang (filling one gap), G22 east of Ji ( says it now makes it north to near Jiaokou) to Wufeng ( seems to show more?), and G60 near Dongkou to Teishangang (OSM shows the north end of this at G78 south of Yangshuo, with north of there being overlaps or S91 and S2201; shows it continues north of G60 - but also shows Wugang to Xinning as G7221?)
G5911 not yet
G5912 not yet
G65 complete, from G6/G7 near Baotou to G15 near Maoming, filling the gap between CHN-HN G65 and CHN-GX G65 and extending it south; G65 replaced what we have as G65W
G6511 partly complete, from east of Zichang to G6521 near Qingjian (S14 on OSM but G6511 on
G6512 partly complete, from G65 near Xiushan to G60 near Linchong and north of Tianzhu to G76 near Luoxiang (all S routes on OSM, but says it's G6512)
G6517 complete, from G65 northwest of Wuzhou to Liuzhou
G6521 complete, from G1812 north of Yulin to G40 near Lantian
G6522 replaced G65 where G65W existed
G69 partly complete, from Yinchuan to Langao and Chengkou to Longbang; CHN-NX G69 has become part of G85 and part of CHN-CQ G69 is now G5021
G6911 partly complete, from G4213 at Pingli to east of Huaping, Wuxi to G42 east of Fengjie, Changliang to G5515 near Laifeng
G75 partly complete, from Lanzhou to Dacaotan (Dacaotan to Meichuan may have just opened with the Muzhailing Tunnel?) and Meichuan to G98 near Haikou (except crossing near south end); realigned east of Guiyang; needs to be extended south at Xuwen with a short piece at Haikou
G7512 partly complete, from east of Gulin to Chengdu
G7521 partly complete, from Chongqing to G75 near Anwen and Banqiao to G69/G75/G6002 near Guiyang
G7522 not yet ( appears to be saying that S61 from G78 near Bama to Nanning is not yet G7522)
G85 partly complete, from southeast of Yinchuan to north of Huianbao (renumber from CHN-NX G69), east of Pingliang to Chengjiang (filling several gaps and extending; the east end of CHN-CQ G85 gets deleted, as does the south end of CHN-YN G85)
G8511 complete, from Kunming to north of Mohan (the south end as we have it is part of G8512)
G8512 partly complete, from G8511 east of Jinghong to Menghai
G8513 partly complete, from G22/G70/G85 east of Pingliang to north of Linjiang, east of Wen to Shijiba, Baima to south of Pingwu, and west of Jiangyou to G5/G93 north of Mianyang
G8515 complete, from G42 at Guang'an to Luzhou ( seems to say that a more direct route is planned rather than all the overlaps OSM shows)
G8516 partly complete, from G85 north of Bazhong to S59 east of Chengdu
G8517 is all shown as S routes on OSM, but seems to say that it's mostly complete south of Yibin, except from south of Junlian to Zhenxiong?
G10 partly complete, only as we have it per OSM ( shows it extending to both borders, which doesn't make sense); also shows it overlapping G1001 south and west of Harbin (no idea if this is correct)
G1011 doesn't exist north of "G010_S" per both and OSM
G1012 as we have it per OSM; may show it extending west to G1011
G1013 partly complete, from Xilinhot to G6/G95 near Zhangjiakou
G1015 partly complete, from Yujia to Tongfa
G1016 not yet
G1017 not yet
G12 extends east 1 more interchange
G1211 partly complete, from Jilin ( shows that it has replaced G1201 east of G1212) to Ping'an and G1213 near Bei'an? (neither OSM nor shows what we have from Suihua as G1211) to south of Heihe (a bit farther north than we have it per OSM)
G1212 has been extended along former G1201 to G12 west of Jilin
G1213 partly complete, from G1211 near Bei'an to Wudalianchi
G1215 partly complete, from G1221 to north of Erdaobaihe
G1216 not yet
G1221 partly complete, from G12 near Yanji to G11 south of Dapuchaihe
G16 complete, from G11 near Dandong to Xilinhot (filling the gap)
G1611 partly complete, from Weichang to G45 north of Chengde (OSM says S50 but says G1611)
G1612 not yet
G18 partly complete, from Rongcheng to north of Wendeng and Weihai to G6 near Wuhai, with a short realignment near the west end ( seems to show Wendeng-Weihai complete?)
G1812 complete, from G1811 near Cangzhou to G65 near Yulin
G1813 partly complete, from north of Wendeng to G20 north of Qingdao
G1815 complete, from G18 north of Weifang to G1511 near Rizhao
G1816 partly complete, from Shizuishan to S1 south of Zhongchuan (CHN-GS G1816 is no longer part of it; I'm not sure if OSM is correct to show old G18 east of Wuhai as G1816) and G75 north of Lintao (but the log shows Yongjing on the route!) to south of Hezuo
G1818 complete, from G18/G25 north of Binzhou to G3 near Dezhou (S12 on OSM but G1818 on
G22 complete, from G20 near Qingdao (east of our terminus) to  (a long piece of CHN-HE G22 is no longer it)
G2211 partly complete, from G5 near Huozhou to G65 near Yan'an (what we have west of there is S16)
G3011 complete, from G30 near Guazhou to G6 near Golmud
G3012 complete, from G30 near Turpan to Hotan (not sure where G3012 becomes G0612)
G3013 partly complete, as we have it
G3016 east end is at Gulja, way west of where we have it
G3017 continues west a bit to S17
G3019 not yet
G3021 complete (renumbering of G30N)
G3031 not yet
G3032 not yet
G3033 not yet
G3035 not yet (currently S12)
G3036 not yet
G3611 not yet
G3612 partly complete, from G36/G0421 near Pingdingshan to G40/G55 near Nanyang (S83 on OSM, but appears to say it's now G3612)
G3613 not yet (partly S96?)
G3615 complete, from Luoyang to G59 at Guandaokou
G4012 complete, from G40/G4011 near Liyang to G1523 near Fu'an
G4013 partly complete, from G2/G40 near Yangzhou to G42 at Danyang (OSM shows S39 and S35 but shows G4013), G25 west of Yixing to G9903 northwest of Hangzhou, and G60 north of Yiwu to near Yongjia (OSM shows S45 and S26 but shows G4013)
G4015 partly complete, from G70 at Shanyang to G65/G69 near Zhashui (OSm shows S30 but shows G4015)
G4211 has been extended southwest over former G50 (this isn't reflected in the log though)
G4213 complete, from G45 south of Macheng to G7011 at Ankang (filling the gaps we have)
G4215 complete, from Chengdu to G56 west of Zunyi
G4216 partly complete, from Chengdu to south of Muchuan, Huidong to Nange, G5 at Jinjiang to south of Yongsheng, and west of Yongsheng to G5611 near Lijiang
G4217 partly complete, from Chengdu to Zhuokeji
G4218 partly complete, from G93 east of Ya'an to east of Lucheng, southeast of Nyingchi to east of Lhasa, west of Lhasa to Carbanang, and west of Jewa to Shigatse
G4219 complete, from S2? east of Chuchul to north of Shannan
G4221 partly complete, from G15/G1503 near Shanghai to S11/S26 south of Chaohu and G35 at Yuexi to Wuhan
G4222 not yet
G4223 not yet
G4231 not yet? part may exist on S20 east of Jiujiang
G50 has been realigned south of Wuhu
G5011 has been extended southeast over former G50 (this isn't reflected in the log though)
G5012 complete, from G50 west of Lichuan to G75 south of Guangyuan ( confirms what OSM shows as G5012 south of Wanzhou on the G42 exit list)
G5013 complete, from Chongqing to Chengdu
G5015 not yet (seems to exist as S13)
G5016 complete, from G50 near Yichang to G56 at Huarong (OSM shows S63 and S88 but says G5016)
G5021 complete, from G50 near Shizhu to G5001 east of Chongqing (replaced most of G50S)
G56 complete, from Hangzhou to Ruili, filling the gap, replacing G56S, and extending west; realignment around Songming
G5612 partly complete, from south of Weishan to Nanjian
G5613 complete, from G56 north of Baoshan to north of Lushui
G5615 partly complete, from north of Malipo to Toudaoshi, Yun to Changning, and Kejie to Houqiao
G5616 complete, from G56 near Anxiang to G56 near Jishou (OSM shows S routes but says G5616)
G5617 not yet
G5618 not yet (a bit is built as S50)
G5621 complete, from Kunming to G56 south of Dali (is a short extension planned around Dali, or is that a planned G56 relocation?)
G60 realignment around Songming
G6011 complete, from G60 south of Nanchang to G0423 south of Shaoguan (overlaps G72 from southwest of Ningdu to north of Xingguo)
G6012 not yet (seems to exist as S routes)
G6021 complete, from Hangzhou to G4 in Changsha (around the north side of Nanchang)
G6022 not yet
G6023 not yet? OSM shows a bunch of S routes
G6025 partly complete, from Tianzhu to Sansui (OSM shows S84, but says it's G6025)
G7012 complete, from G70/G7021 near Fuzhou to S69? near Ji'an (OSM shows S46, but says G7012)
G7013 not yet
G7021 partly complete, from G3 near Gutian to G70/G7012 near Fuzhou (OSM shows S routes, but says G7021; both show S42 west of Fuzhou)
G7211 cut back to G7201?
G7212 complete, from G72 south of Liuzhou to Beihai
G7221 seems to be partly complete on, but all S routes on OSM?
G76 complete, from Xiamen to Chengdu (filling the gap); realigned from Duyun to Guiyang and from Zhijin to Bijie
G7611 partly complete, from G76 east of Duyun to Longtoushan
G78 complete, from Shantou to Kunming (filling the gaps; the east end of CHN-GX G78Bai is no longer G78)
G8012 partly complete, from G8511 south of Yuxi to G56 near Lucheng
G8013 complete, from G80 near Yanshan to G5615 near Wenshan
G91 complete (full loop)
G9111 not yet
G92 continues along G60 into Shanghai
G9221 not yet
G93 overlaps G5 to finish the loop
G9411 overlaps G0425 and G1508 to G15
G95 partly complete, from G0121 near Sanhe to northeast of Yingshouyingzi
G9511 complete, from G95 east of Laishui to G18 at Laiyuan
G9811 complete, from G98 near Haikou to G98 near Ledong
G9812 complete, from east of Haikou to G98 near Qionghai
G9813 complete, from G98 near Wanning to G98 near Yangpu
G9901 not yet
G9902 partly complete, from southeast of Jiutai to north of Shuangyang
G9903 partly complete, from G60 near Zhuji to S13 north of Linping (and some on the east side is S routes on OSM but G9903 on
G9904 not yet? seems to all be S routes for now
G9905 not yet
G9906 not yet
G9907 not yet?
G9908 partly complete on what OSM shows as G3021? calls it S02
G9909 partly complete, from south of Yongchuan to G93 near Xianfeng
G9910 complete (full loop)
G9911 partly complete, from G20/G35 southeast of Jiyang to G2 southwest of Zhangqiu (S0101 on OSM but G9911 on and G3 near Wande to G0311 east of Chiping
G9912 not yet?
G0102 has been renumbered G2501
G0601 not yet
What we have as CHN-NM G0601 is now G5901, and CHN-NX G0601 is now G2004.
G1501 around Shenyang has not changed
CHN-HI G1501 is now just G98 and a bit of S82
CHN-FJ G1502 is now S56, S11, and S58 (per
G1503 replaces CHN-SH G1501/CHN-JS G1501/CHN-SH G1501Jia; claims the loop has been completed via an overlap on S20
CHN-FJ G1503 is now part of G1523
G1504 replaces CHN-ZJ G1501
G1505 replaces CHN-FJ G1501, extended to form a complete loop
G1508 replaces CHN-GD G1501
G2501 replaces CHN-JL G0102
G2502 replaces CHN-TJ G2501 east of G2; the remainder and CHN-HE G2501 are S3600/S60
G2503 replaces CHN-JS G2501
G2504 replaces CHN-ZJ G2501
CHN-SX G5501 is now S5501
CHN-SX G5502 is now S5502
CHN-SX G5503 is now S5503
G5901 replaces CHN-NM G0601
CHN-JL G1201 is now G1211 and G1212 per
CHN-JL G1202 is now G1015
CHN-SX G1801 is now S5512
G2001 completes the loop but keeps the spur
G2002 partly complete, from S9902/G0211 to G20 (partly replacing G5)
CHN-SX G2002 is now S2001 per
G2003 replaces CHN-SX G2001
G2004 replaces CHN-NX G0601
G2201 partly complete, from G6 to G30
CHN-SX G2201 is now S2201
G3002 replaces CHN-SN G3001
G3003 replaces CHN-XJ G3001 (with a short extension at the south end)
G4001 overlaps to complete the loop
G4202 replaces CHN-SC G4201
CHN-SC G4202 is now SA2
G5601 complete, as a full loop
G6001 complete, as a full loop
G6002 replaces CHN-GZ G6001 (but with a shorter alignment on the south and a longer alignment on the east)
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Re: chng updates
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2023, 02:18:56 am »
@neroute2: Are you simply reporting those Asian changes or are you going for taking over maintenance (temporarily) to rework the routes and systems?

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Re: chng: China National Expressways
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2023, 02:29:50 am »
Some sources which might help:
- SSC: News about Chinese roads (mainly reported from a Chinese living in US
- SSC: Summary of freeway-like road openings (often featuring OSM coords; you might want to search for "China" in this thread)
- wegenwiki: List of expressways in China (I think it's quite up-to-date)
- wegenwiki: Recent openings (similar to the SSC thread but tightly arranged)

btw: Topics merged.

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Re: chng updates
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2023, 03:01:48 am »
@neroute2: Are you simply reporting those Asian changes or are you going for taking over maintenance (temporarily) to rework the routes and systems?
Probably just reporting, since I'd rather someone with more familiarity do the actual changes.

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Re: chng: China National Expressways
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2023, 03:25:35 am »
@neroute2: Are you simply reporting those Asian changes or are you going for taking over maintenance (temporarily) to rework the routes and systems?
Probably just reporting, since I'd rather someone with more familiarity do the actual changes.

If memory serves, @si404 told me not to update China for the time being. So, you might want to spend your time for other topics. I recommend agreeing in advance which systems you should review. I mean, I also started reviewing a lot of Asian, African and South American systems a year ago........

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Re: chng: China National Expressways
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2023, 01:26:54 pm »
If memory serves, @si404 told me not to update China for the time being.
Did I say that? Or did I say that I've not updated China for a long time and it's well off ready for a review. I'm not going to stop anyone updating China, but there's a mountain to climb there as it's almost entirely the drafts I made 7 or 8 years ago!

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Re: chng: China National Expressways
« Reply #7 on: January 04, 2024, 02:03:16 am »
Hello! Trying to expand out my own travels in CHN-GD, and starting to make some changes to the actual files: si404, if you can take a look at this PR, that would be great:

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Re: chng: China National Expressways
« Reply #8 on: July 10, 2024, 02:44:53 am »
I think have a template for China Gxxxx that's in a Draft PR here, I'm not sure how to correct test any changes needed in the PHP files though. But I think we can start with just plain replace ***NUMBER*** with the number (G1234)?