Author Topic: TX: Spur 83 (between US 83 (West end I-2) and Bus 83 La Joya  (Read 2715 times)

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TX: Spur 83 (between US 83 (West end I-2) and Bus 83 La Joya
« on: April 09, 2024, 07:35:56 pm »
During my trip I field checked the area around where I-2 and US 83 was being extended.  No, I-2 isn’t signed beyond where it is marked now, but I found a “SPUR 83”; signed; where US-83 was between where it veered right and Business US 83.  Following the old route. From where the bypass opened.
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Re: TX: Spur 83 (between US 83 (West end I-2) and Bus 83 La Joya
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2024, 10:59:53 am »
This was designated as US 83 Spur back in 2015.

There was some AASHTO funny business back in spring 2016; if I wanna look that up again and remind myself of the full story, where's the best place to go for AASHTO info these days?
Regardless, AASHTO isn't the be-all-end-all for TM purposes. The state calls it US83Spr, so that's what it is.

Back when I moved US83 onto the bypass, it appeared to be unsigned, so I left it out.

It appears TXDOT has been updating signage in the area. Hopefully they've fixed this monstrosity.
From the way the OP is worded, it sounds like they still don't have it quite right, and it's mistakenly signed as as State Highway Spur, or a TXSpr in TM-speak.

Even though they're 2 separate systems on TM, from TXDOT's perspective Loops & Spurs are the same system, and numbers aren't duplicated between the two, with one exception where there's a "State Highway Loop and Spur" XXX (I forget the number) with the spur spurring off the loop. Obviously related. There is a TXLp83 in Caldwell, so this is surely not TXSpr83, but US83Spr, and we may be a dealing with a sign-o.

Can you fill me in more in what signage you saw where, how much, what style?
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