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Re: blzar+blzd: Belize Roads
« on: May 06, 2024, 01:19:45 am »
Given that we're not including every national route (no AR5) and by far not every district route, shouldn't these be 'select' systems?

The Public Roads Act from 2011 lists the following highways:
*Northern Highway (our AR2 Philip Goldson Highway, except listed as going thru Orange Walk; dharwood said the bypass is AR2-B) (not clear what it does at the Mexican border)
*Western Highway (our AR1 George Price Highway)
*Southern Highway (our AR4, except the south end is at Joe Taylor Bridge on the outskirts of Punta Gorda)
*Central American Boulevard (not in our data)
*Hummingbird Highway (our AR3)
*Belize International Airport Highway (not in our data)
*Hattieville/Burrell Boom/Northern Highway (our D200 Burrell Boom Road)
*Coastal Plain Highway (not in our data; apparently AR5) - this was recently improved and opened last year

This includes everything we have except the Orange Walk bypass. Since there are some signs for these (or other newer e.g. Philip Goldson Highway) names and none for the numbers, would it make sense to use the names instead?

Other roads that the feds had a hand in:
*Orange Walk Bypass (in the 2017 road maintenance budget, which lists all of ours plus Manatee Road AKA Coastal Plain Highway)
*Remate Bypass
*John Smith Road
*Sarteneja Road