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Updates to Highway Data / CO: CO109 Spur?
« Last post by jayhawkco on Today at 03:07:36 pm »
So I never paid much attention when I drove this, but it looks like CO109 has a signed spur. (It's not bannered however).

In La Junta, CO109 runs on an overpass over US50, but to get to CO109 from US50, it has you turn onto Branish Avenue and then left on 3rd Avenue. On this little spur, it is signed as CO109 and the CODOT Highway explorer calls it 109B. There are no "To" signs.

Signs here:
US50 EB (with mainline CO109 on the overpass in the distance)
CO109 Spur SB
CO109 Spur SB
CO109 Spur intersecting with mainline CO109
Updates to Highway Data / Re: NV 880 west end
« Last post by cl94 on Today at 03:07:21 pm »
With stuff in the Reno area such as 880, I'll be able to field check most of it in the coming months as I'm moving out there in a matter of weeks. But yes, my impression at this point is that urban routes may or may not be signed well, but there is usually at least one sign.
In the HB listing for MD 279, there is a waypoint marked "MD 286". The waypoint is mislabeled, as that's the north terminus of MD 268. The pointer is correct -- the pointer itself is called MD 268 and goes to the MD 268 file -- it's just the name of the waypoint that's incorrect.

(And now I am being bombarded with memories of programming language design classes in senior year and gradskool. What the thing is, what the thing is called, what the name of the thing is, what the name is called, how these can all differ...)
Updates to Highway Data / VA: new error message on VA 228 Truck
« Last post by dave1693 on Today at 02:52:25 pm »
My log file just flung up this error message this morning, which was not present when I generated a log file late last week.

VA: duplicate label ELDST in va.va228trkher
  Please report this error in the Travel Mapping forum.
  Unable to parse line: VA VA228TrkHer VA228_S EldSt

This is in the log file I JUST generated. What's going on?
There are no SR postings within Herndon as VDOT does not maintain their streets.

That's been true the whole 3+ decades I've lived in Northern Virginia, but some SR postings inside Herndon were actually not uncommon up until the past few years. (I'm looking at 606 ,but also 666 on Van Buren and Monroe Streets, and 675? on Spring Street. Signs all gone now.) There were SR 606 signs on Elden St until earlier this year, but the recent road work on Elden St appears to have included taking down the last 3-4 that were left (I double checked that yesterday).

Herndon Parkway is still signed as both SR 606 Truck and VA 228 Truck in all sections north of 606 and as VA 228 Truck in all sections south of 606. No non-truck VA 228 signs to be found anywhere in town; Herndon pulled down the last few VA 228 signs on the routing through town either this year or last when renovating the road. \

The fact that Virginia sometimes leaves postings up is irrelevant to me...if the CTB decommissions the route it should come off of TM.

It has always been my impression that how things are signed is more important. I welcome others who, unlike myself, are actual region maintainers to correct me or offer opinions.

I would love to be able to do 'select Virginia SRs' which could at a minimum have former state highways.

If we decide to open that can of worms I will offer my assistance.
End -> AnseCou?

End -> FondMou ?

Does it really exist between D11 and D1?
OSM does not indicate a road, and the GM road is not visible on satellite view on the only section not covered by the forest. GM does also not indicate D12 for the whole route but only on the southern-most segment ending at the same location like OSM has the end. Neither wikisara nor wikipedia help.
N3_N/_S -> _W/_E?

Add (secondary highway)

N4_N is off
N4_N/S -> N4_E/W?

N6 -> N6_E

N8 wp: I cannot read the 2021 GSV signs towards Rue des Anti-Esclavagistes and what's indicated as "D18a" on OSM but I assume that both one-way streets are N8. Thus, I'd put the N18a wp in-between e.g., also for concurrent D18

D20_W/E -> N/S?

GM + OSM suggest that the route ends at the hospital

Does it extend south of D22 as OSM+GM suggest?

Add because there must be anything "relevant" (or banana?) when there's a rail station, Musée De La Banane?

Add wp or shaping point between N4 and D3 to make clear that the southern route is the right one

D3_S/N -> N/S

Cha is indicated as "cap-ferre, Sainte-Anne" on GM

Should ToD5 be moved to as suggested by GM?

CheFonMas_W -> CheFondMas_W

There is no sign on 2021 GSV at the roundabout where OSM has the end. Truncate?
Add another wp between the roundabout and D7, likely for Rue des Mangles

End -> MonPel or SenMonPel?

D13/D13a -> D13?

Not indicated on OSM, GM nor signed

A4 -> A1
D52 -> D52_S

CasDid -> FonDid? It's not directly at the water fall and there are two water falls

Is only indicated on GM and no GSV available. Not sure if we should have it in HB if there is no other source

Move RueMon to Rue Montesquieu to match D51's wp. Also add matching wp for N3. OR: Rename RueMon to RuePieSem and move D51's wp
N3 -> N3_N

Add (secondary highway, see D13)

Not indicated on OSM, GM nor signed

Does it really extend south of D41 as suggested by OSM only?

Nothing on OSM, GM nor GSV. Does it exist?

OSM only indicates it south of D43, GM does not indicate it at all, no sign at south end. Does it exist?

Only indicated on GM but with loop. OSM does not show it at all and there seems to be no sign

OSM and GM have the route on the same streets but our route is different (even starts at different junctions) and I think that it needs to be changed.

Not on GM but signed. Fine.

Only indicated on OSM. Not signed. Remove?

Does it really extend beyond Ver as only suggested by OSM?
Add a shaping point between N2 and Ver in case you truncate the route because it would exceed the limits
Welcome & Notices / Re: Please test on tmtest
« Last post by michih on Today at 01:16:12 pm »
I checked a little bit more about wp popups and .list tool but didn't see any issue.
6-Month+ Outlook / Re: DE: DE 30 Truncation to DE 24 in Millsboro
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Today at 12:56:14 pm »

As of Saturday, DE 30 signage has not been removed (at least along the DE 24 concurrency, seeing it there made it clear to me not to bother on the rest that is planned to be removed).

As of this past Sat 4/23, DE 30 signage still exists west of US 113.
Still present as of Sun 7/3, both west of US 113 AND US 13.  Was on North 13 and saw a “West 30” sign for a left turn. 

Later I took DE 24 from Seaford over to pickup DE 26 to Dagsboro.  On Sat 7/1 I took DE 26 down to MD.  Can confirm still signed as 24/30.

Welcome & Notices / Re: Please test on tmtest
« Last post by Markkos1992 on Today at 12:54:56 pm »
I checked only one route and Mapview, but all seems to be fine from what I have seen.
Welcome & Notices / Please test on tmtest
« Last post by Jim on Today at 11:27:26 am »
We've made some changes to TM code that's needed for METAL HDX development and that should also yield some efficiency improvements overall.  It should not change any TM behavior, but it would be good to have some testing before the changes go live on the production site.

If you have a few minutes, please try the things you do in TM on and let me know if you notice any differences in behavior.  One particular place to look is at the waypoint popups, which are now generated on the fly rather than all on load.
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