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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #750 on: June 17, 2022, 08:53:53 pm »
*** I now have SC 700, NC 700, and MD 700 clinched. Outside of mapmikey, I cannot think of anyone else that would have these three routes (or any combination of three 700s) clinched.  I only got SC 700 from a mission trip to Johns Island in 2012.

I've only clinched MD 700, but I've traveled on all three.

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Re: New Travels and Stats Discussion
« Reply #751 on: June 19, 2022, 03:51:25 pm »
Well... this turned out to be a more "exciting" (not in a good way) 6 weeks than I'd anticipated. We'd arranged to house-sit for my parents while they were visiting my sister in NC, with buffers on either end so I could pick up my niece at Philly airport and do other errands in the area. We are now extending the visit because my mom can't drive while her vision recovers from needing to have a cataract replacement lens replaced.

So my original plan to drive to PA on May 14th got changed completely beyond recognition... and with my own medical appointments getting rescheduled three times, I made far more trips between the DC FedroSplat and eastern PA than expected... most of which involved driving areas of the MD Eastern Shore I'd never seen before on the southbound legs. Plus, as expected, I made three trips between the Lehigh Valley and Philly Airport (involving non-interstate routes on one leg of each of those trips), and one evening ride through Bucks County just because.

New clinches (NOT in the order clinched!):
US 1 in PA, US 13 Business (Chester PA), NJ 129, NJ 175, PA 3, PA 32, PA 73, PA 132, PA 152, PA 291, PA 320, PA 352, PA 420, PA 452, PA 532 Alternate Truck (Washington Crossing PA), PA 796, PA 841, MD 10, MD 213, MD 342, MD 924, Park Central Rd (Catoctin Mountain Park in MD).

That last is a slow trip for very good reason, but it beat the hell out of getting stuck in construction along US 15 on a hot and muggy day, which could have taken almost as long with the slow reported speeds, and the park road was both shady and higher up -- hence refreshingly cooler!

Several of the above routes I actually drove end-to-end. Among these was PA 420 which I drove in its entirety to avoid massive construction-and-accident delays on the Blue Route (I-476) during one of those airport runs.

New non-clinching mileage (also not in the order driven):
US 1 in NJ, US 13 in PA, US 30 in PA, US 1 Business (Trenton NJ), PA 82, PA 272, PA 332, PA 420 Alternate Truck (Ridley Park area PA), PA 532, PA 611, PA 896, MD 7 (North East segment), MD 18, MD 100, MD 177, MD 272, MD 279, MD 290, MD 300, MD 304, MD 309, MD 310, MD 313, MD 404, MD 545, MD 648 (part of main segment; also clinched Arnold segment), MD 662.

I expect to be based in PA through the 4th of July weekend at least. In the works for the next two months are multiple trips between PA and VA, a trip to New England for my cousin's memorial service, and the revival of the annual trip to western PA (Pennsic War, for the curious).