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Summer 2021 HDX development

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We're doing some major development for the algorithm visualization system in HDX.  For those using it just to look at graph data or data in other formats, what your maps and how they get loaded looks like will be different.  We have no intent to break any functionality, but it's certainly possible we missed something.

The current development version is being maintained in https://courses.teresco.org/metal/hdxt/ and is updated pretty frequently.  Assuming all major problems get ironed out, the production HDX will become the final such new version at the end of the summer.

For now, I'd like a quick check from those who use it to make sure you can do what you need and that the new UI is at least not a problem, even if not an improvement from your perspective.  One of our goals is to simplify and clarify the process by which a student goes from landing on the main page to running the algorithm visualization they want on an appropriate graph.

One known problem that will be fixed is that the table of waypoints and connections is hidden by default and can only be restored once an algorithm visualization is selected.  There will be a checkbox to hide/show that along with one to hide/show markers before this goes to production.  I am curious if people would prefer the data tables to be shown by default when viewing a TMG graph.

Is it possible to get back to the start dialog without reloading the url?

The manual needs to be updated once it will be live, e.g. https://travelmapping.net/devel/manual/syserr.php#nearmisspoint

Is this why I'm having issues with some pages loading?

So to clarify, I mostly use TM via my mobile device. I've noticed within the past week or two that the pages for states with larger amounts of data (Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.) will crash my browser, with the stats loading up, but crashing as the map is loading. Smaller systems (DC up through Louisiana) I have no issues. I've tried different browsers with the same results. Also, If I use TM via desktop, I have no issues. I don't know that much about the nitty gritty of the tech involved (either TM or cell phones), but I thought maybe this might be it.


I didn't experience crashes, but the mapview page went unresponsive and never loaded data for sys=eure. Desktop.

On lab5 (Xeon E3-1230), https://travelmapping.net/user/mapview.php?u=michih&sys=eure takes about 35s to load. Desktop may have just needed more patience?

No changes have been made to the production HDX.

I updated the version of Leaflet in the process of adding some map tiles and removing some old ones, but I don't think any of TM's main web-facing code changed other than that.

My students noted some general network sluggishness earlier in the week.  I don't think that was specific to TM or our server.


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