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New table sorting library

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--- Quote ---If I understand what you mean, I think that shouldn't be too hard.  So you'd like to be able to sort by each of the column headers on findroute.php?  I just have to make sure the filter drop-downs are excluded.
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--- Quote from: Jim on June 01, 2022, 01:07:39 pm ---
--- Quote from: michih on June 01, 2022, 12:04:52 pm ---@Jim, have you changed anything in the last three hours? The user page tables are sorted by region and system name now. I'm quite sure that it was by clinched miles (region) and % clinched three hours ago - just as it should be!

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I haven't, but I bet I need to specify an initial sorting that differs from the order that comes out of the DB in those cases.

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The version on tmstage should now sort as it did before.

Is this the behavior we want?  I am not sure why the by-region table sorts by distance traveled while the by-system sorts by % traveled.

Sorting by percentages for each region puts the values in order by the first or second digit. This means that 100.00% values appear after the 19-11.x% values, but all 10.xx% values appear after the 100%. Then 1.xx% values appear after 10%, instead of below the 9.99-2.00%, et cetera.

Otherwise, I do like the ability to sort the column headers (for example, finding the longest or shortest routes in a system).

I think I've fixed all the problems mentioned here, and added column sorting functionality on findroute.  Check out the current version on tmstage and let me know if I missed anything.

At the top of the page, the stats page is not showing the color on distance traveled for me for active only now.

I am also getting an "out of memory" error whenever I try to use the route finder.  I want to think it was something on my end, but I am unsure.


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