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Character Rendering Issue


So I noticed that some (though interestingly not all) non-ASCII characters are not rendering properly in the Highway Browser or on route pages:

This is happening in Firefox 103.0 on Ubuntu 20.04.4, but I loaded the page up in Chromium and got the same result. Also loaded the page up in Firefox on my phone (Android) and in the Samsung browser on my phone and, likewise, same deal, so the browser doesn't seem to be the key variable here and neither does the OS.

Meanwhile if I view source on the page, I also get question marks in the source:

However if I go view systems.csv on GitHub in the same Firefox 103.0 on the same computer the characters render normally:

So, the issue is in the site update code perhaps?

See also: https://forum.travelmapping.net/index.php?topic=4480.0

I'm traveling and will not likely have a chance to look into this for a while, but would be happy to try a fix if anyone has ideas.

How are those characters stored?  If it's just with the unicode character for those symbols, that might cause an issue with text parsing.  I remember when I was setting up my website I learned how it's actually bad form to directly include characters like é in HTML; instead a code like é needs to be used.


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