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GA: GA14SprLaG extension?


I think that GA14 Spur in LaGrange has been extended from US27 to GA219, although signage is a bit confusing. At GA219, there is no approach signage indicating its existence, but there is a reassurance sign on Tom Hall Pkwy just past the intersection. Also, at US27, signage on US27 shows that GA14 Spur only goes one direction, but signage on GA14 Spur itself shows that it continues southwestward.

Also of note: GA219 DOES have a GA14Spr point...but it's at Davis Rd, and not Tom Hall Pkwy.


I believe it was actually shortened (unless you have a newer photo). See this thread: https://forum.travelmapping.net/index.php?topic=4822.msg26929#msg26929

But I renamed the GA14Spr point on GA 219 to DavRd (keeping the old one, as it's in use).


Yeah, I drove through there in February 2022 only to discover new signage on GA 14 Spur SB showing end at US 27.  It did used to go farther, but GDOT shortened for some reason.

Going to mark this one as solved, unless anyone has any objections.


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