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Unusual new behavior for region.php

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The table is responding strangely when multiple users have the same distance traveled.


In the DC region, 17 users have clinched everything. The table "Travelers in Region dc" shows two users ranked 1, one ranked 3, and varying numbers of other users ranked 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, and 16. All of these users have 47.64 miles in the region and until recently all of them were ranked 1.

It's not just happening with users at the top of the rankings. In the same table, the two users ranked 33 and the one ranked 35 have traveled the same routes. And it's not just affecting DC.

What changed?

I just checked DE, and it has the same issue.  (https://travelmapping.net/user/region.php?u=markkos1992&rg=DE&units=miles)

Yep, it is a general issue. LIE is a very small region. It might help on debugging: https://travelmapping.net/user/region.php?rg=lie

I suppose it's possible this could potentially be a data processing issue. Mapcat, how recently were they all ranked number one? Did you notice this after December 28th?

I'll update lab 2 with the same commits when I get home and check the db.
It could be a rounding issue; if it is data processing I have a good idea of what's probably causing it.

I'll load up both the C++ and python flavors and see if the issue happens with both.


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