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showroute's .list tool: when to enable it?

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We have a GitHub Issue with some new discussion about when to enable the .list tool functionality:


My questions here for the larger group:

- Does anyone see a problem with the .list tool being enabled when an showroute page is first loaded?
- Does anyone want/need to use showroute with the .list tool not enabled at all?

There is another vote FOR it: https://github.com/TravelMapping/Web/issues/532#issuecomment-1722352859

My thinking here is it'd be nice to have a user preference for hiding or showing the .list tool be able to persist across pages (i.e., check ".list tool" and it remains visible on any route you load until you uncheck it).

Since I don't use it it's just view-obstructing clutter to me, but if someone is actively using it it makes sense for it to stick around.

Perhaps it could have the state persist similar to all the options for mapview.

What's wrong with the current state?

I use the .list tool anytime I'm updating my list in github. That said, I probably only update my list once or twice a month whereas might be looking at a region or a route several times a week when planning upcoming travels. I don't need the .list tool to be present every time I pull up a route, but when I'm updating my list file it is probably the most valuable tool on the site.

I don't like the idea of keeping it displayed all the time. It's currently easy to turn on as needed. I vote to keep it that way.


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