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Do we really need "Copy To Clipboard"?

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When entering a lot of route data, I occasionally forget to click this, I paste into my list file without verifying what I pasted, and then much later discover that I have a duplicate line indicating that there is some mystery line that I've lost.

But it occurs to me that there's really no need for this button. If you're using this page, and selecting or unselecting route segments, you will eventually want to copy the result to the clipboard, so why not just automatically copy it after every change? Then we wouldn't need the button, and wouldn't need to remember to click it.

I also made a suggestion in Github that the .list Toolbox be moved to the bottom of the left sidebar and left on all the time, eliminating the .list Tool checkbox. The remaining buttons could be fit onto one row, shortened to None, Clinched, and All, and be preceded by a "Select:" label.

Thanks for this suggestion.  Anyone else want to give thoughts?

I will not be touching showroute code in the near future, but will revisit when time permits taking these suggestions into account.

@pderocco, thanks for the suggestions. There is already an issue for things like this: https://github.com/TravelMapping/Web/issues/533

I'm not sure how intuitive it is to just have it update the clipboard every time.  I know if I saw that with no explanation, I'd think I had to select the entries and copy them manually.

Same for the double-click to get the popup without changing selection suggestion on github.

Also, it might take up a fair amount of room on the left - especially for those of us who don't keep browser windows maximized.


--- Quote from: Jim on September 16, 2023, 11:13:51 pm ---Thanks for this suggestion.  Anyone else want to give thoughts?

--- End quote ---

I use the "Copy to Clipboard" button all the time without any problems. It works exactly as it is supposed to and I find the .list tool a very efficient way to update my TM file. Since it was added, the log errors (due to user error) I used to get after almost every update are virtually non-existent.

Please don't remove it. It has been an incredible time saver.


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