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Title: How to report errors
Post by: rickmastfan67 on January 08, 2016, 04:54:20 am
To make this as easy as possible for the highway data managers to find threads referencing states/countries they are actively maintaining, please follow the following standards when naming threads:

1. Always start with the region name(s). It's the code you use for your user list file entry.
2. Add the subject of the error. Please just generalize that part and put the meat and bones in the main part of the thread. ;)


This will allow us to identify which threads are areas we maintain and respond to them faster. :)
Please note that this is a volunteer project and it's possible that we don't respond as fast as you expect.

Don't hesitate on reporting issues. It's better to report more than what is relevant than reporting one issue too less. And we can rename the thread name if required.
Title: Re: How to report errors
Post by: michih on September 03, 2018, 01:53:35 pm
When a reported error is fixed or it is clarified that it isn't an error, the topic is marked solved ( and moved to the Solved Highway data updates ( board. It might take some time till the change will live on the site.

When the region's maintainer has looked into it but needs more evidence, the topic gets the ( icon.

Topics with larger general discussion get the ( icon, like should we also includes routes...