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Title: CZE: Rededications Jaroměř / Hradec Králové / Pardubice
Post by: michih on December 19, 2021, 02:59:29 am
The D11 extension from Hradec Králové to Jaroměř in Czechia was opened last week. I have only extended D11 and added waypoint for the new motorway exists to the other routes:
D35 from south of Hradec Králové to east of Pardubice was also opened last week:

However, other routes have also been downgraded or rerouted, see SSC:

If it will be confirmed, I likely have to:
- Reroute E67 (
- Extend II611 ( to north of Jaroměř (current I11 + I33 + I37)
- Truncated and reextend I11 (, starting at D11 exit 95 now
- Truncated and reextend I37 (, starting at current D11 end now
- Truncate I33 ( to II-611 junction in Jaroměř
- Truncate I36 (, to Pardubice or to Časy?
- Rename intersecting route wps (I32, I35, I36, II285, II299, II323, II324, II327, II328, II333, E442,...)

Confirmed: (although some changes are only "on signs" but not yet legal)