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--- Quote from: michih on March 23, 2020, 05:04:51 pm ---Why are both tier 4 now?
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To make way for the true Tier 5 system - finst.

An equivalent would be Ireland where routes 1-50 are National Primary, and 51-99 are National Secondary (though the distinction, unlike Finland, isn't signed) and 100-999 are Regional.

Valtatiet (1-39, white on red) are National Roads / Staatsstraßen
Kantatiet (40-99, black on yellow) are Main Roads / Hauptstraße
Seututiet (100-999, black on white) are Regional Roads / Regionalstraßen

While they are two different systems, they are both of tier 4 level.

--- Quote ---And what's different for Åland?
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The second tier roads are much less important than on the mainland.

Their system names are different, which I'll fix (might go with Swedish names, rather than the Finnish names I give - more research needed as of now).
1-digit roads (Päätie) have their mainland equivalent as Valtatiet (though are probably the equivalent of Kantatiet in importance) - white on red
2-digit roads (Tie) have their mainland equivalent as Yhdystie (though are probably the equivalent of Seututiet in importance) - white on blue


--- Quote from: si404 on March 05, 2016, 02:37:23 pm ---cypd - Cyprus Devlet Yolları (introduced to northern Cyprus in 2013, not much information about it)
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Maybe this helps:

* https://www.skyscrapercity.com/threads/862100/post-168248977
* https://bub.gov.ct.tr/Portals/27/KKTC%20Karayolu%20Haritas%C4%B1%202017%20a.pdf?ver=2018-04-16-144801-093
* https://bub.gov.ct.tr/Portals/27/KKTC%20Karayolu%20Haritas%C4%B1%202017%20b.pdf?ver=2018-04-16-145656-330

List of not yet active tier 4 systems in Europe:

--- Quote from: si404 on March 05, 2016, 02:37:23 pm ---bihm - Bosnia and Herzegovina Magistralni Put (si404) reviewer: t.b.d. (system in place, but then Republic Srpska went and renumbered all their roads)
itass - Italy Strada Statale (si404) reviewer: michih (many routes were transferred back to ANAS; system must be reworked)
rusr - Russia Regional Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
rusa - Russia Access Roads (si404) reviewer: t.b.d.
uzbn - Uzbekistan ??? (https://orexca.com/rus/uzbekistan_roads.shtml)
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I have added a note to Italy and just realized that si404 asked for another peer-review for BIH. I think it is not necessary to perform a full review, is it? I think drafting the bihr tier 5 system down the road is also kinda review. We might add a note that the system is not yet fully signed?

I think Russia and Uzbekistan are low priority - we focus on regions where we have most TM travelers.


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