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I'm thinking about if and when inactive users should be removed from the site.  We have a few that have never been updated since the initial group of CHM list files was brought over for testing during TM's initial development: drfrankenstein, imgoph, and sammi.  Since these were never actually submitted to us I am confident they can go and no one will notice or care.  There are several others that have not been updated since 2015: clark1mt, dylucktrocket, jerseyman4, jweeks, lowenbrau, neilbert, neroute2, norheim, verumsolum, and w9tam.  Thoughts on if/when list files should be left out of our site?  I wouldn't delete the files, maybe just move them into an "inactive" directory or something like that.

I don't think they should be flagged as inactive in any way. Someone should be removed iff they indicate their list should be removed & that they no longer want to participate. Could be someone just doesn't travel very much.

WRT the initial group of CHM list files, did they all say, "Yes, use my list file" on AARoads as I and several others did? Or, did you grab a few random lists from CHM for testing purposes?


--- Quote from: yakra on July 31, 2017, 03:59:20 am ---Or, did you grab a few random lists from CHM for testing purposes?
--- End quote ---

In this case, I would remove them to an "inactive" Github subfolder or even delete them.

--- Quote from: Jim on July 30, 2017, 09:59:19 pm ---neroute2
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The user has traveled one route, US192, in total 3.42mi only. Sumitted in December 2015. Maybe you can contact the person by email and remove the list file to "inactive" if there's no response?

I don't see any other reason to remove an user!

Maybe we can add a selective(?) filter for stats one day to exclude users which have not updated their list files for 1, 2, x years?

But... To be honest, if one is gone, the list files will never be updated again. Is there a deadline when online data should/must be deleted/deactivated? Are dead people no longer relevant?

I don't think so (and think that there is also no legal reason that we have to do so)!

IMGoph has participated in the forum once (early 2017). For some reason this user is classified as a collaborator.

I don't remember for sure, but I think the initial group of about 10 list files I pulled over from CHM included my list and those from a few people who were interested in the project, then a few other lists that I thought were useful for testing for whatever reason.  I'm guessing the ones who never sent any updates might not even know TM exists.

My only reason for removing any list file would be to reduce clutter.  Yes, these also add some time to the site update process and size to the DB, but those aren't significant issues at this point.


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