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HEADS UP: We will split France into regions

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We are about to split France into regions to enable further system development and more detailed stats like it's already possible for other larger countries, e.g. UK, China or Canada. We already did this for Germany and Spain two years ago. Their tier 5 systems are active or very close to activation now (only DEU-HE and DEU-MV left).
The Corse region (FRH) will be renamed to FRA-COR.

That means, the FRA and FRH regions will be dropped and new regions FRA-ARA, FRA-BFC, FRA-COR etc will be introduced. Routes which cross regional borders will be split. We currently plan to activate the new regions by the end of October. The user list file entries of FRA and FRH regions will be broken and your stats for these regions will be 0. Other regions are not affected and remain as-is.

@yakra has developed a tool that reads the submitted user list files from Github and replaces the FRA routes by the new routes. The old entry is kept has comment:
For instance, my A1 entries will be changed as follows:

--- Code: ---##### FRA A1 1 A25
--- End code ---

My list file had one entry "FRA A1 1 A25" and it's split into four entries now.
You can find the affected user list files here:

For simplicity's sake, we've deleted .lists where there was no diff from the original .list file.

You find your whole user list file from October 27. You can download it, re-submit and use for further modifications.
Or you can go through it and pick up the single lines. Keep or remove the commented original lines. Since the lines are converted in the same order of the original file, it might be difficult to find all lines. You can use the diffs output which highlight the replaced entries only:

Old region:
FRA: France
FRH: Corse

New regions:
FRA-ARA: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
FRA-BFC: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
FRA-BRE: Brittany
FRA-CVL: Centre-Val de Loire
FRA-COR: Corsica
FRA-GES: Grand-Est
FRA-HDF: Hauts-de-France
FRA-IDF: Île-de-France
FRA-NOR: Normandy
FRA-NAQ: Nouvelle-Aquitaine
FRA-OCC: Occitanie
FRA-PDL: Pays-de-la-Loire
FRA-PAC: Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur

Edit: Links updated

I've placed a link to this topic on the main site's message of the day.


--- Quote from: michih on October 27, 2019, 03:50:39 am ---Since there have been some modifications to FRA entries since October 17, I hope that @yakra can update the files again with a final run just before the new regions will be introduced and the old regions will be dropped. The links above will also be updated.

--- End quote ---


Let me know if we'll need more updates before the final split happens.

Hmm, glancing at the changes made to my .list... the E-Routes weren't hit at all. And they're still intact in my DEU entries (though I manually redid my DEU Autobahns myself).


--- Quote from: Bickendan on October 28, 2019, 05:10:54 am ---Hmm, glancing at the changes made to my .list... the E-Routes weren't hit at all.
--- End quote ---

@yakra, can you look into it? You could upload the modified user list files to lab2 and compare the total mileage. Just compare the total user mileage since it would be different if there is anything different. That means, it's not necessary to check the mileage for France, sum the regions. I could also compare it manually if you need help.

Btw: There are some E routes in Northern France without any concurrent route yet (future D routes). There are some in my list file...

--- Quote from: Bickendan on October 28, 2019, 05:10:54 am ---And they're still intact in my DEU entries (though I manually redid my DEU Autobahns myself).
--- End quote ---

The tool is for France only. The German E road entries do not work, see (there are a lot of errors in other regions too)


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