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The goal is for me to include all PA future threads here moving forward. This is a placeholder post more than anything else.

https://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=23084.msg2671448#msg2671448  (expected to be complete in Fall 2022)

Shaping points for new interchange added here previously:  https://github.com/TravelMapping/HighwayData/pull/3989


This will only be a slight point relocation so I would not recommend considering it as a declinch.

EDIT (4-10-2022): PennDOT - District 2 News: Intersection Work Continues near State College

EDIT (4-13-2022):  PennDOT - District 2 News: PennDOT Launches Webpage for Route 26/Route 45 Intersection Project

EDIT (9-16-2022):  (For PA 26 and PA 45) PennDOT - District 2 News: Two Way Traffic Coming to Route 26 Project Midweek

PennDOT - District 11 News: Route 30 Long-term Closure Begins April 13 in Beaver County

This is expected to be completed in mid-October 2022.

PennDOT - District 9 News: Work Begins to Rehabilitate Route 31 Kinton Bridge in Harrison and Napier Townships, Bedford County

The PA 31 bridge rehabilitation should be complete in November 2022.


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