Author Topic: NV: Exit number conversion on I-580 and US 395, other Reno/Carson City updates  (Read 343 times)

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When I was out there last month, I noticed that NVDOT had completed its exit renumbering on I-580 between Carson City and Reno. This is a straightforward conversion, since there is no overlap between the new exit numbers (3-36) and old ones (38-68). The old exit numbers were based on US 395's mileage between its two crossings of the CA/NV border. The new ones start from I-580's south end in Carson City.

US 395's exit numbers also change from xx to yy(580), but only on the part of 395 concurrent with 580. There are exits on 395 north of I-80 that are not concurrent with 580's, and their numbers are unchanged. This means that someone traveling US 395 through Reno will see exit numbers increasing to 36, then north of I-80 the numbers jump to 69, based on 395 rather than 580 mileage.

I'm folding the old 65 and 65A exit numbers into a single waypoint 33 for I-580 and 33(580) for US 395, about halfway between the old waypoints. They are less than a half-mile apart. The new point also fixes a missing graph connection between Plumb Ln. (NV 653) and 580/395.

Aside from updating the exit numbers and removing unused old exit numbers, I need to also fix references to the 580 exits on routes that intersect 580 more than once.

I'll also fix various NMPs in the Reno/Carson City area, and remove decommissioned US 50 Business in Carson City (US 395 Business in Carson City remains, locally-maintained but signed from 580/395). That should bring into synch all the route files in that area.

This should all be done in the next few days, along with some updates in NM and a few in CA.


Some cleanup and more NMP fixes later, to complete update for Washoe County (Reno) and Carson City. A comprehensive update was previously done for the Las Vegas metro area, so Nevada's major metro areas will be up to date.
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